“The CMS Rock Show was outstanding! Thanks so much for having these shows, so that the parents can see how their kids are improving!”

–Lucy, San Diego

“My son was with John for over 2 years and he learned a lot. The whole family loved coming to all of your events and concerts. I will definitely refer you to others and be a reference for our teacher who was fantastic.”

–Lorri, San Diego/Poway

“Thank you for such an amazing recital Saturday. Everyone at CMS takes the recitals seriously and beams with pride for each student. I love to see my children perform and after every recital I am affirmed on the importance of music in our lives. You are a very professional team and I appreciate the hard work it must take to continue to have these recitals throughout the year. Please keep it up.”

–Candyce, Carmel Valley



“I will never be worried about calling to discuss any problems thanks to how well you handled my issue.”

–Brenda, Cerritos

“My lessons with California Music Studios have been really fun. I have had 2 teachers who were different from others I had with another service. When I needed to change styles, it was easy to do because CMS always seems to have another teacher to choose from.”

–Angela in San Diego, CA

“I have had a great experience with California Music Studios. Their staff was so helpful in answering my questions and in finding my teacher for me. I can’t say enough about their efficiency and friendliness.”

–Justin in La Mesa, CA

“My first lesson with Rebecca was extremely nice. She took care to become acquainted with me and review me goals and interests. The office staff is very kind and attentive. I am so happy!”

–Lorena, Chula Vista

“My son Ethan’s experience with CMS was excellent and there was nothing CMS could have improved on to make the service better for our family. We would recommend your company to everyone.”

–Julie, Orange County

“I wanted to thank CMS for giving me a wonderful teacher. I had a hard time finding a competent teacher to teach my son clarinet, but CMS gave me exactly what I was looking for.”

–Sung B., San Diego

“I really like my teacher a lot. California Music Studios offers a great service and there is nothing they can do to improve it. CMS offers a great program and lined me up with the perfect teacher.”

–Sheilaugh, Orange County

“I had a great experience with CMS. They were very polite and helpful when I was looking for lessons for my daughter and I ended up having lessons as well. We plan to be students for a long time and it is good to feel taken care of.”

–Margaret, Oceanside.

“I have been so happy with California Music Studios and your utmost professionalism. Dan has been filling our Saturdays with music for two years now with our three children and it has been so wonderful to wake up to music. They each have grown to become so talented because of his motivation and he has passed on the love of learning music to my children.”

–Jessica, Orange County

“Wow, I didn’t know a place like this even existed. You actually followed up and care. All other places make you do all the work, but not you. You care what happens.”

–Karen R , Escondido


• We listen to help you determine musical interests and goals.
• We are there to assist you 24/7..
• We encourage and reward your musical accomplishments..
• We offer optional music recitals & competitions..
• We help you find a new music teacher, should the need arise..



San Diego County

Orange County

Los Angeles County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

The CMS registry of independently established teachers includes highly qualified musical performance artists, and classically trained & educated musicians with years of education in musical instruction.

“Quality service, with convenient music lesson locations throughout Southern California.”

“Specialty teachers love what they do & provide expert musical instruction.”

“Great vocal training techniques refine the quality of my voice. When I sing, I shine! A voice coach makes all the difference.”


• Person-to-Person Support ALL Week
• Daytime, Evening & Weekend Lessons
• Option of in-home or in-studio Lessons
• Goal Setting Program
• Student/Parent Counseling
• One Call Registration
• Quick Response by Knowledgeable Staff
• New Student Information Materials
• Music Student Incentive Programs
• Speedy Music Teacher Replacement
• Lesson Make-ups
• Music Student Newsletter
• Professional Recital & Music Group
   • Awards & Certificiates
   • Prestigious Recital Locations
   • Programs
   • Refreshments
   • Sound & Light Tech



“All of my students are doing very well. I am really happy with California Music Studios and my students. I am really in the groove and enjoying myself, and after just a few months my schedule is full.”

–Melinda, Oceanside

“I love how easy California Music Studios makes teaching for me – I even send all of my private referrals to CMS. It saves me a lot of time and effort, and I know CMS will take care of all of the administration.”

–Jerry, San Diego

“Noel, you did a fine job organizing the recitals. I was not aware that there would be so many of them…a monumental job. I thought the recital that my students played in went very well. I especially love the little ones. They are so cute. Thanks, too, for the beautiful orchid stem. It’s beautiful.”
–Sincerely, Enid

“Dear Noel, I want to say thanks to all of you at CMS from me and my students. I think it was a very good recital, all performers did a good job. Thanks for the flowers:))) and here are some pics taken by my students (I’m forwarding them to you). Once again, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!”

Sincerely Asida.

“I wanted to also thank everyone there for being great! Thank you for continually getting students for me and being wonderful overall! It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks so much!”

–Matt B.