CMS helps music teachers get more students.

Teach when, where & how you want to.

Need more music students?

California Music Studios matches local students ready to learn with music teachers that want to teach.

Get more students than you can on your own.

Every month, CMS spends thousands of dollars actively marketing to potential music students near you.  We can provide local music teachers with more students than they can discover on their own.

Learn to play piano with local piano lessons from California Music Studios.

Teach when & how you want.

You have the freedom to choose:

  • who you want to teach
  • when you want to teach
  • where you want to teach
  • the way you want to teach

We’ll offer you a new student only if we have one that is a good match for what you told us you want.

It's easy.

Music teachers can focus on doing what they love: Teaching music. California Music Studios handles the more mundane side of things for you: accounting, billing, and sending you paychecks regularly.

Real office support!

You can talk to a real human (in California!) via phone – 6 days a week.

We’re always happy to help with any support, accounting or other questions you have.

We also provide your students with access to 60+ free performance opportunities per year!


CMS makes it easy for music teachers.

It’s easy. Here’s how it works:
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    Call us for a quick chat or send us an email so we can understand what when and where you want to teach. We’ll give you the application form and run a background check.

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    When a student is looking for a teacher in your area that is the right fit for what you want to teach, we’ll contact you and ask if you’re interested.

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    You then contact the student directly and set a date for your first lesson. Teach your lessons, turn in your basic billing information, and we’ll send you a paycheck.

Start getting more students.

California Music Studios is always recruiting qualified independent teaching artists.

Call (800) 227-6222 now, or use this form:
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We will follow up with you shortly.
If you’d like to go ahead and fill out the full teacher application, that’s right here.

Music teachers love California Music Studios.

It’s a better way to find great students.


Teaching for California Music Studios has freed up so much of my brainspace to focus on what I really care about—music. It’s such a relief to leave the recruitment and the fee collection to someone else. The recitals have been so much fun for my students—instead of seeing only other pianists, they get to see…


California Music Studios makes it easy to balance my teaching with my other responsibilities. CMS sends me students and I am able to coordinate lesson days and times with them directly. The CMS office staff is always helpful and great to work with.

Lawrence A.

Over the past 7 years, [California Music Studios] has provided over 30 students, and many of those students are still with me.


Get extra students that you wouldn't get otherwise.

You get more.

More benefits than you get on your own or with other services.
Other services
Freedom to choose who/when/where you want to teach
Extensive marketing time & budget (to attract new students)
Potential students matched to what you want to teach?
Risk-free, non-exclusive IC agreement?
Accounting & billing handled by professionals?
65+ FREE recitals a year
US-based live customer support
In business for 30+ years