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Everything you need to be successful with CMS.

Registration & Forms

  • CMS Teacher Update Form – This form gives you the opportunity to update your contacts, availability, preferences, affiliations, and online media. There is also a link for uploading your current resume and/or bio. At the end you will be given an option to request a meeting, if you wish.

Registration for Upcoming Events & Recitals

  • 7/14/18: Registration for Beach Party Music Club @ NAMM Museum of Making Music – Please use this form to register students for the upcoming Music Club at NAMM on 7/14.
  • Registration for Formal Recitals @ Schulman Auditorium (Dove Library) on 8/18 & 8/19 (registration opens by 6/18)
  • Registration for LA/OC Formal Recitals @ Temple Bat Yahm on 9/8 (registration opens by 7/8)
  • Registration for Formal Recitals @ Scripps Ranch Library on 9/29 (registration opens by 7/29)
  • Registration for Spooky Music Club @NAMM on 10/20 (registration opens by 8/20)
  • Registration for Fall Festival Music Club @ Temple Bat Yahm on 11/3 (registration opens by 9/3)
  • Teacher FAQ

  • Performance Opportunities – Where do I find information on...

    • Formal Recitals Criteria, Dress Code, Check-In Procedure
    • Music Club Criteria, Dress Code, Check-In Procedure
    • County Fair/Music Club/Community Festival Performance

  • How do I get more students?

    • Make sure your information with us is current. Staying up to date on your locations, availability and accomplishments helps us market and sell you. (You can fill out a teacher update form here.)
    • Maintain solid communication skills. Teachers who are consistent in maintaining a 24 hour response time with CMS and their students have a higher placement and retention rate.
    • Participate in CMS Community Events. Local festivals, fairs, and markets are an opportunity to connect directly with potential students. If there is an event in your area that you think would be a good fit, feel free to make suggestions!

  • How can I earn more money with CMS? (How do I earn bonuses?)

    • Don’t underestimate the art of the up-sell. Do you have a student who is ready to move to 45 or 60 minute lessons? Do you have a young student who could use a 15 minute parent or young sibling lesson to involve the entire family in learning? Don’t be afraid to ask.
    • Make sure you remember our referral bonus program. If you refer a new student to CMS or a current student for a new instrument, you are eligible to request a bonus of $50 when they book their second month of lessons. The same bonus applies if you refer a teacher who books students with CMS.
    • Work on student longevity. Our current longevity bonuses are an additional $1 per year, up to the first three years, for every 12 months that you retain a student. Make sure you have requested all your bonuses on your CBS.

  • Teacher FAQ
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