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California Music Studios is always recruiting highly-qualified, independent teaching artists.


Benefits CMS offers you:

  • You choose when, where, and how you want to teach
  • CMS gives you a risk-free, non-exclusive IC agreement
  • Supplement, build, or start your teaching career
  • CMS extensive marketing program
  • Professional office support from CMS
  • 60+ performances per year

CMS is different from average music companies. Instead of just registering with an impersonal online database, students are personally matched with students who are actually looking for a teacher just like you. 
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We are looking for instructors that teach piano, voice, guitar, strings, woodwinds, composition and more – in the San Diego County, Orange County, suburban Los Angeles and Inland Empire.

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  • Please type in the box below ALL of the instruments that you currently teach, including the highest level of each. Levels are abbreviated as follows: Beg = Beginner Int = Intermediate Adv = Advanced Example: Piano (Adv); Guitar (Int)


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