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Become A Violinist, Cellist, Bassist And More With Our Teachers

California Music Studios refers you to independently established instructors who provide professional violin, viola, cello, and double bass lessons throughout the Southern California area.

Your instructor will boost your confidence and make you excited to learn to play the strings. The string teachers you are referred to use refined techniques to make learning easier, and hold lessons in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside County, and San Bernardino. They go through a stringent evaluation process and background check.

Unlike guitar, instruments of the violin family require a bow and do not have frets, so it is important for a student to develop an ear for the notes. Your teacher will build a personal connection with you for a custom lesson plan so you have all of the tools you need to be successful with your violin, viola, cello, or upright bass.


    • What String Lessons Do We Offer?

    • Violin

      The mainstay of many classic ensembles that has made its way into country, folk, and chamber rock.

      Get more information on violin lessons.

    • Viola

      The bigger brother of the violin, the viola offers a deeper sound in a slightly larger frame.

      Get more information on viola lessons.

    • Cello

      Tuned an octave below the viola, the cello gets you into the deeper registers for orchestras, popular music, and solo performances.

      Get more information on cello lessons.

    • Guitar

      An international symbol for cool, the ole six-string fits in with any style or genre. Take advantage of acoustic, electric, or bass guitar lessons in Irvine for that extra boost in confidence.

      Get more information on guitar lessons.

    • Bass

      The double bass is the largest in the violin family, providing a deep sound that can be brought out with the bow or a plucky pizzicato.

      Get more information on bass lessons.

    • Harp

      Harps offer amazing range, dexterous technique, and potentially the most pleasant sound in the world.

      Get more information on harp lessons.

    • Mandolin

      The mandolin is actually the youngest member of the family, much like the violin. It has four courses of double strings to create a bright, harmonized sound that is oh-so pleasing to the ears.

      Get more information on mandolin lessons.


    • Banjo

      The banjo is an incredibly complex instrument with a ton of folk tradition to back it up.

      Get more information on banjo lessons.


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