"Joy of Singing"

Vocal Techniques by “Jennifer Paterson”.

I’m excited to offer these exercises from my whole life of learning & teaching singing. They start with basic breathing, relaxation, vocalization, etc. They also contain more difficult exercises in range and flexibility for the professional singer.

When I developed these CDs 15 years ago, I soon realized what a valuable tool they are. I began using them with only my students, but after I realized how much they helped with their study habits, I shared my findings with other voice teachers. As we know, the more our students study, the better they become. The better our students become, the more they enjoy their voice & singing lessons.

The vocal exercises on these CDs are used by singers at the The Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, Boston University, The Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, The Musician’s Institute, and Berklee College of Music. The exercises have proven to be an effective and successful tool for our voice instructors.

Our fellow teachers soon started using the CDs on their students, and over these last 15 years we have noticed when students use them, their longevity rate increases. Students are more motivated to practice every day because they can simply turn on the CD and be supported in their technique. Please tell your students they will develop good practice habits. As their vocal coach, you will no longer have to worry about how they practice when you are not there giving them voice lessons.

Each CD is about an hour long, and is in 4 easy-to-use segments, just enough for some students to warm up. If a longer warm-up is necessary, students can do more segments. For the price of a lesson, students can have this useful tool forever. Many students have called me to say they are still using them years and years later.