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Why deal with an impersonal database or endless internet searches? Call us now and speak to one of our local, highly-trained placement coordinators. Our team of experts is waiting to match you with the perfect teacher, based on your musical goals and personal learning style. You can even choose lessons in your home or in a teaching studio. Each of our teachers has been individually screened in-person and background checked to meet our highest standards.

How We Compare to the Competition

Blank California Music Studio The Competition
Required Background Checks YES NO
Custom Teacher Selection YES NO
In-Person Teacher Screening YES NO
65+ FREE Recitals a year YES NO
US Based Live Customer Support YES NO
In Business 30+ Years YES NO

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Our Personalized Student Matching Process

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Step 1

Call us! We have a quick interview process to ensure a match with the perfect instructor.

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Step 2

A highly trained placement coordinator searches our roster to find your ideal teacher.

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Step 3

You are contacted by your instructor to schedule your lessons.

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Step 4

Lessons begin at your home or in the teacher's studio and your musical journey begins!

What Our Clients Say

Very professional, they understand the needs of young musicians!

Christina Sousa

San Diego, CA

Our family could not be happier with Shayla — she is a wonderful piano teacher! My son is excited to play piano each week.  I feel like we are giving him a gift that will last a lifetime.  Thanks, California Music Studios!!!

Kent S.

Encinitas, CA

So GLAD I Found CMS! ..The teacher they recommended is very nice and is great with kids! You guys are AMAZING!

Jasmine Deadmon

San Jose, CA

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work with special needs students?

    Yes! We have a number of teachers that welcome and enjoy working with students with a wide variety of needs and abilities. For students with special needs, music education can strengthen self-awareness, increase confidence, hone discipline and concentration, as well as providing an outlet for energy. Call us to learn more about what we can offer our special needs clients.

  • Do I need an instrument?

    Having access to an instrument for daily practice is essential to learning to becoming a musician, and keyboards are necessary for most vocalists. If you don’t currently own the instrument you need, our staff or teachers can assist you in finding the right solution for you.

  • How long does it take to learn?

    Everyone’s learning curve is different and can depend on both the individual and the instrument. In general, however, your progression depends upon commitment to a consistent practice schedule. The more you practice the better you play. The better you play the more fun you will have. The more fun, the more you want to practice, it’s a positive cycle! Goal setting is also an important part of making progress. Preparing for a recital several months in advance can keep you motivated and on task, which is great for skill improvement. It’s important to remember your musical journey is just that, a journey. There is no destination, but an ongoing enriching of your musical understanding, skill and enjoyment.

  • Am I too old to take lessons?

    You are NEVER too old to take music lessons! Whether you are picking up an instrument again that you studied in your childhood, or you are fulfilling a “bucket list” wish, our teachers love to work with adult students, wherever you are on your musical journey. In addition to learning something new, studies show that musical training and performance has a positive impact on a person’s emotional well-being, brain health, cognition and hearing function at any age.

  • How do I pay?

    We have a few payment options, just call us to set up the option that works best for you. All lessons are billed and paid for a month in advance, to reserve your lesson time on your teacher’s calendar. [You will be billed on the 15th of the month and payment is due by the 25th.] Our staff is available 6 days a week to answer your billing questions.

  • What if I don’t like my teacher?

    It is recommended that you try to work with your new teacher for a couple of months. It can take a time for the student/teacher relationship to develop, and it’s good to give the process a chance. If you speak with our placement counselors and together you determine that it is time to try another teacher, they will assist you with that transition. We want our students to have a fun and a positive experience to help nurture their love of music.

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  • How are your teachers screened?

    Our teachers go through a four step screening process, which includes an application, phone interviews, in person interviews and auditions, reference checks and a stringent, mandatory, nationwide background check. We are contracted with Sterling Talent Solutions to assure a level of security that exceeds industry standards.

  • What if I don’t have the talent for this?

    Interest and determination are much more significant indicators of future success than talent. Everyone is born with some ability, but it is the student who loves music, who has both the desire to play and the willingness to practice who will succeed! Our supportive, professional teachers are here to help you every step along the way. Musicians are created, not born!

  • I can find a cheaper teacher on Craigslist/Grocery Store flyer, etc., why should I use CMS?

    While you might see cheaper rates advertised in places like Craigslist or on a flyer at your local mall, ask yourself this question. Would you hire a babysitter from a mall flyer? Or go on a date with someone you met on Craiglist? If not, why would you entrust your child’s music education to a stranger off the street, just because they were the cheapest option? CMS offers fully screened, highly professional musicians for the best quality musical education. Bargain hunting is great for a lot of things, but not so much for music lessons.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
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