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Vocal and Singing Lessons

California Music Studios works with some of the most talented voice coaches and acting instructors in the Southern California area, because we know that we have the most talented students in the Southern California area.

You can learn to sing, develop your voice, and even prepare to do voice-over work. You’ll build confidence with private singing lessons for any performance: glee class, chorus, musicals, a band of your own, or karaoke night!

The instructors we work with offer singing lessons in San Diego, Orange County, LA, and most of Southern California. Many of the independently established teachers we work with have professional recording careers with hit albums and CDs.

Let your voice be heard with vocal lessons at California Music Studios!


Learn to Sing!

    • FAQs About Voice

    • What is the secret to singing well?

      In terms of technique, good singing has to do with vocal cord closure and a balanced larynx. That’s something that you and your vocal coach can work on and mold through each lesson. However, good singing on the whole is pretty subjective. Good larynx or not, if you show a lot of heart, your listeners are sure to respond.

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    • Can I sing if I’m “tone deaf”?

      Tone deaf isn’t some sort of permanent condition. Sure, people have trouble recreating sounds they hear or matching pitch, but this comes from a lack of experience and coordination in your vocal structures. All it takes is some time and practice.

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    • Can I increase my singing range?

      Definitely! Singing exercises can expand your upper and lower ranges by modifying your technique and the flexibility of your vocal structures. Granted, your range is limited by your physiology. Pushing your voice to sing lower or higher can be painful and uncomfortable. It’s more important to focus on the possibilities within your natural range before trying to expand.

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    Some inspirational videos and links from CMS Students and Coaches:

    A young CMS voice student from Carlsbad is in the news:

    Renee, a voice coach for CMS, recently had one of her star students featured on NBC news:

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