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Saxophone lessons

Get matched with a local, background-checked saxophone teacher that fits your musical goals & interests.

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Saxophone lessons

Get matched with the perfect saxophone teacher for you.

The matching service is free and at no obligation to you!

At no cost to you California Music Studios will match you with a professional saxophone instructor in your area that best matches with your musical interests and goals, and at the level of instruction you need: beginning, intermediate or advanced.

There is no obligation to take lessons: You only pay for lessons if you decide to take them.

All instructors have passed extensive background checks. This is an advantage that local studios and individuals rarely offer students.

Saxophone lessons are available for beginners, intermediate & advanced students. Instructors are available to teach in local studios, or in your home.
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Getting matched is easy.

Here’s how it works:

The matching service is free and at no obligation to you. You only pay for music lessons if you choose to take them.

1. Call us for a quick chat so we know what you are looking for.

2. A highly trained placement coordinator finds your ideal teacher.

3. Your instructor will contact you to schedule your lessons.

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You get more.

California Music Schools benefits you more than any other music school or service.

Required background checks
Custom teacher selection
In-person teacher screening
65+ FREE recitals a year
US-based live customer support
In business for 30+ years

Get matched with a music teacher!

The matching service is free, with no obligation.

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Learn to play saxophone like a pro.

Famous sax players include:

In addition to sax, California Music Schools offers students the chance to learn how to play the guitar, piano, drums, clarinet, brass, flute, French horn, trumpet, and many other instruments.
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So GLAD I Found CMS! ..The teacher they recommended is very nice and is great with kids! You guys are AMAZING!

Jasmine Deadmon

San Jose, CA

Very professional, they understand the needs of young musicians!

Christina Sousa

San Diego, CA

Our family could not be happier with Shayla — she is a wonderful piano teacher! My son is excited to play piano each week.  I feel like we are giving him a gift that will last a lifetime.  Thanks, California Music Studios!!!

Kent S.

Encinitas, CA


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