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Piano Lessons: Pianos, Digital Pianos and Keyboards

Do you want to learn how to play the piano? You’re not alone! Piano lessons are our most popular type of lessons – and for good reason. The piano is one of the most versatile instruments you can learn, and is well-suited to both solo and group performance. Because of the solid musical foundation you’ll build, many students also find that learning other instruments later down the road is even easier once you have studied the piano.

California Music Studios will connect you with a wonderful instructor for in-home or studio piano lessons. We help children and adults of all ages in Southern California. Students may be beginners, intermediate, or advanced.

Learn to play piano and have fun while you’re at it. Whether you want to learn classical, jazz, pop, or blues, we can find piano teachers who will create a custom lesson plan to suit your needs and preferences, so you can become the musician you dream of being.


  • FAQs About Piano

  • What age should my child start piano?

    Piano lessons for kids can start as young as age 4. Piano is the best instrument for any student to start with as piano lays the basic foundation of music. If you are skilled at the piano, it is a lot easier to learn other instruments. In fact, all music majors in college must pass courses in piano before they can graduate. Piano lessons in Orange County can lead to a heightened interest in other instruments and musical genres. We highly recommend that students begin their musical studies with the piano.

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  • I am an adult with no music experience, is it too late for piano lessons?

    It is never too late to learn to play the piano, and we are more than happy to help you on your journey. We find more and more adults enrolling every day. Whether it’s for relaxation, personal enjoyment, or a specific goal in mind, learning piano is a rewarding experience for students of all ages. While it can be more difficult for adults to learn, the benefits outweigh the obstacles. We work with the best piano teachers in the area to ensure that learning is fun, active, and hassle-free. Can adults learn how to play piano? Absolutely!

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  • I only have a keyboard. Is this okay?

    Learning to play on a keyboard is perfectly fine for beginning students. Initially, you don’t use all the keys, and children are generally too short to reach the pedals to start. As you progress, you want to select a piano or full-size keyboard, preferably with “weighted keys” to better emulate the feel of a real piano. Don’t hesitate to take piano lessons in Los Angeles because of the cost of the instrument. There are ways to get around it, and you can always find a used piano at a reasonable cost. You can also rent a piano at around $30 per month.

    Unlike a traditional piano, an electronic keyboard is always in tune. Students are more likely to practice if they can do so in any room of the home. If you can’t have a piano, don’t feel bad about being stuck with a keyboard. Depending upon the type of music you wish to play, an electric keyboard might be more suited for its versatility. An electric keyboard is portable and readily integrates with other music gear. Here is an example of a gentleman in Europe who is quite adept in his small studio. Note the use of keyboards at the beginning and end of his performance:

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  • FAQs About Piano
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