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Guitar Lessons for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar

The guitar is such a versatile instrument. It can be played in many styles, used solo or in a band, and taken along with you everywhere you go. It’s no wonder so many California Music Studios students wish to become guitarists!

We can help you find professional instructors for in-home or studio guitar lessons in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and much of the Southern California area. Finding the right guitar teacher who will teach you the music you like and tailor lessons to your playing style can make all the difference.

Guitar lessons ingrain proper technique and build confidence. Learn classical guitar, flamenco, rock, jazz, blues—whatever style you prefer. We can also help you learn to play bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and more!


    • FAQs About Guitar

    • What is a good age to start guitar lessons?

      If you’re looking for San Diego guitar lessons for your kids, realize that it’s much easier if they are at least age 7. It takes a lot of strength in the wrists and fingers to push down the strings, which can lead to easy frustrations. If your child is younger and persistently wants to play the guitar, you should ease her into music by introducing her to piano first. Piano is the best instrument to start with, and it will help your child when she does transfer to the guitar. However, if she has her heart set on the ole six string, by all means let her learn to play the guitar.

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    • As a beginner, should I learn acoustic or electric guitar?

      The acoustic and electric guitar have many similarities. Generally, electric guitars are easier to play. The strings are lighter and easier to press down. Sore fingers, which many novices experience when learning acoustic guitar, are not nearly as severe when learning to play electric guitar. If you decide to start with acoustic, it is best to choose an acoustic guitar with light gauge or even nylon strings. You should also use a guitar with low action, which requires less pressure to make the strings touch the fretboard. An acoustic guitar with nylon strings is well suited for classical and folk. Guitar teachers can sometimes set you straight with a beginner-friendly guitar setup. If not, find a friendly local guitar shop.

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    • Do I need to know how to play acoustic or electric guitar before learning bass guitar?

      No. Pick up a bass guitar and dive into your favorite bass lines. Playing in the rhythm section of a band is different than playing lead melodies on acoustic or electric guitar. Some bands do not even have lead guitar, comprising nothing more than drums and bass, using vocals, hi-hats, harmonica, or synth to fill in the higher frequencies.

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