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Play the Clarinet with California Music Studios Lessons

The clarinet teachers that California Music Studios refers students to provide one-on-one clarinet lessons in a private setting, allowing each student to learn to play the clarinet at their own pace, in their own learning style, and toward their own goals. In the rare case that our student and teacher are not a good match, switching instructors is quick and simple.

Our clarinet teachers hold lessons in Los AngelesOrange CountySan Diego, and most of Southern California.

We recommend weekly hour-long sessions, but lesson length and frequency is completely up to you. With practice and dedication, students build confidence to participate in our (optional) formal and informal recitals – up to 65 performances are held per year.



Impressive clips of some famous clarinets:

In addition to these, CMS offers students the chance to learn how to play the oboe, cello, bass, flute, drums, French horn, trumpet, saxophone, and many other instruments.

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