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Music remains one of the greatest art forms known to humankind. Have you ever wished you could strum a guitar like Jimi Hendrix or tickle the ivories like Rachmaninov? Do you think that music is reserved for only a select few talented individuals? Think again! With hard work, practice, and the encouragement of a knowledgeable instructor, you can sing or play with the best of them, and California Music Studios can help you on your journey.

Why Choose California Music Studios for Music Lessons in Tustin?

For over a quarter century, California Music Studios has dedicated itself to promoting musical education by helping students find qualified teachers for in-home or studio music lessons in Tustin. Each instructor we work with must go through a stringent screening process that includes a thorough background check and personal evaluations. This ensures that every instructor we work with meets our high standards for your satisfaction and trust.

Each teacher is then matched up with a student for instruction. We have a 97 percent or better success rate in student-teacher matching. We believe that a good relationship with your instructor expedites learning and makes for a more positive experience. However, if at any point you aren’t happy with your teacher, we will happily swap him or her out for someone more suited to your needs.

We work with teachers who specialize in private, individual music lessons. These lessons are built on one-on-one interactions and customized lesson plans. You don’t have to worry about lagging behind or rushing ahead. Your instructor sticks with your specific pace and learning style to make steady progress toward your personal goals.




What Do You Want to Play?

The network of over 350 teachers we work with offer a wide array of lessons in various instruments, genres, and disciplines. Whether you want to strum a ukulele or take piano lessons in Tustin, we will have no problem finding the perfect mentor for your musical education.

  • Strings: Strings are fun and accessible, making them a great choice for beginners. They have a flexible sound, and each instrument is filled with such unique character and playing style. In Tustin, guitar lessons are a popular option. The guitar fits with nearly every genre, can be played solo or in an ensemble, and is an instant symbol of cool. However, don’t limit yourself to just the guitar. Whether you strum, pick, pluck, or bow, you’re sure to have a great time playing string instruments.
    • Guitar (acoustic, electric, bass)
    • Ukulele
    • Harp
    • Banjo
    • Mandolin
    • Violin (viola, cello, upright bass)
  • Keys: The keys are potentially the most important instrument family in music. They shaped classic, contemporary, and modern styles and were the tool of choice for countless composers and songwriters. If you’re not sure what to learn, we recommend the piano. A swift, beautiful sound that fits with nearly every genre, the piano is also the best tool for learning music theory. Tustin piano lessons give you an excellent foundation for reading sheet music, performing dynamics, and understanding all of the subtle elements that make music more than just notes on a page.
    • Piano
    • Keyboard
    • Organ
    • Accordion
  • Drums:  As the heart of the band, the drum is responsible for keeping the beat, providing rhythms, and looking cool in the process. There’s a lot more to drumming than meets the eye.




  • Brass: They don’t have the range of woodwinds, but brass instruments still cover a lot of ground, providing volume, power, and surprising agility. The general lack of keys means that brass instruments require an exceptional control of embouchure—your lip and face muscles—and breathing to achieve proper tone and broader range.
    • Trumpet/Cornet
    • Horn
    • Trombone
    • Tuba
  • Woodwinds: Acting as the main crux of sound for orchestras, woodwinds offer an amazing range of sound. They offer a naturally dexterous playing style and can bounce through octaves without breaking a sweat. Woodwind instruments, particularly the clarinet and saxophone, have also played an important role in the development of jazz, blues, and other genres.
    • Flute/piccolo
    • Oboe
    • Clarinet
    • Saxophone
    • Bassoon
    • Harmonica
  • Voice: Your voice is beautiful, unique, and filled with personality. A voice teacher can train your ears and your vocal muscles to help you gain a wider range, project your voice, and carry a melody.



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions that can assist you through your voice, drum, piano, or guitar lessons in Tustin.

  • What’s the point of warming up?

    Get into the habit of warming up before every lesson and practice session. Warming up stretches out your fingers and gets your mind ready for the main play session. Warming up is even more important for wind instruments. Playing with cold lips not only produces a strained sound, but also makes you much more susceptible to injury. You can actually split your lips from straining too much, so take a few minutes to warm up properly.

  • Why won’t my instrument stay in tune?

    Musical instruments are fickle. That’s partly what makes them sound great, but that also means they are susceptible to things like dust, weather, and humidity, all of which can throw it out of tune. If your instrument has trouble keeping its tone through the course of a single song, there may be other issues at hand.

    • In guitars, your strings may need replacing.
    • Ukuleles, which have softer strings than guitars, can lose their tune based on how hard you press down on them.
    • In wind instruments, try to maintain your embouchure throughout your playing. Even the slightest maladjustment can make your tone woefully sharp or flat.

    If you have consistent problems with keeping your instrument tuned, talk to your music teacher.


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