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On the quiet, secluded Torrance Beach, you watch the waves crash and feel the sun against your skin. The weather is perfect, the skies are clear, and the one thing that could really add to the atmosphere is some music. Learning to play the guitar, harmonica, or other instrument of your choosing means you will always have music wherever you go, and California Music Studios can help you through each step of the process.

Why Take Music Lessons in Torrance with California Music Studios?

For over 25 years, California Music Studios has helped students find qualified teachers who can provide in-home or studio music lessons in Torrance. We only work with the best teachers we can find. To ensure your trust, each teacher we work with must undergo a thorough screening process that includes personal and professional evaluations and background checks.

The teachers we work with solely conduct one-on-one music lessons, which gives them the opportunity to give students the attention they need. Each lesson is tailored to the student’s learning style and speed, allowing for steady progress without lagging behind or rushing ahead. We recommend lessons that are an hour long and held once or twice a week, but this can change based on your needs.

We boast a success rate of 97% or better when it comes to matching students and teachers. However, if you’re unsatisfied with your teacher or how you’re progressing, we have no problem swapping out your teacher for someone more to your liking. Your musical development is dependent upon a positive relationship with your teacher, and we want to do our best to accommodate that.


Pick Your Instrument

As we work with an extensive network of teachers, we can find an instructor to teach you whatever instrument, style, or genre you please, whether you want to squeeze an accordion or take guitar lessons in Torrance.

  • Strings:  The strings are a lot of fun to play, and being able to play one string instrument means that you have a general idea of how to play the rest. The guitar tends to be the most popular—it definitely has the cool factor—but there are plenty of other string instruments to choose from. While you take guitar lessons in Torrance, feel free to explore some of the other popular string instruments out there.
    • Guitar (acoustic, electric, bass)
    • Violin (viola, cello, double bass)
    • Banjo
    • Mandolin
    • Harp
    • Ukulele
  • Woodwinds: Woodwinds combine fast fingers, amazing range, and versatile technique to create a beautiful, round sound that goes well with classical, jazz, rock, pop, and more.
    • Flute/piccolo
    • Oboe
    • Clarinet
    • Saxophone
    • Bassoon
  • Drums:  Learning to properly play the drums opens you up to the great possibilities of rhythm, giving you the ability to keep a beat while adding a little extra flavor to an ensemble with flams, rolls, and paradiddles.



  • Brass:  Where brass instruments lack in range, they more than make up for in power and volume. Your teacher can teach you to control your breath and embouchure to produce a warm sound and hit notes above the staff without too much strain.
    • Trumpet/cornet
    • French horn
    • Trombone
    • Tuba
  • Keys: Among all keyed instruments, the most popular is the piano. When you play the piano, you’re joining the likes of Bach, Beethoven, and Schubert. If you’re a beginner and not sure where to start, we highly recommend the piano. It establishes an excellent base for music theory, which can be transposed to other styles, genres, and instruments. If you ever switch to a different instrument, a few years of piano lessons in Torrance will make the transition process that much easier.
    • Piano
    • Keyboard
    • Organ
    • Accordion
  • VocalsYour voice is the most natural instrument you have. With some simple exercises and a trained ear, you can sing your heart out and have fun while you’re at it.




  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you play better in and out of your guitar, voice, and piano lessons in Torrance.

  • Why does my posture matter?

    For wind instruments, good posture supports your diaphragm and accommodates proper breathing so that you can fuel the sound behind your instrument, but you should practice good posture regardless of what instrument you play. Sitting or standing with the right posture ensures that you can reach all the keys, valves, or strings and, most importantly, keeps you comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show in how you play. In extreme cases, discomfort will lead to pain. You shouldn’t be hurting when you play. Your instructor will teach you optimal posture when you begin.

  • Why do I need to tune my instrument?

    Tuning involves adjusting pitch to keep the proper space between each note, so that when you play an E, it actually has the value of an E and not an E flat or F. While an out-of-tune instrument may sound okay to you, it will sound off when played with other instruments.

    Tuning is fairly easy as long as you have an electronic tuner, though the method of tuning differs from instrument to instrument. For a trumpet, tuning involves playing an open C. For guitar, you need to tune each string to the proper note value. When you start, your instructor can teach you how to properly tune your instrument. As you play and train your ear, you can learn to tune your instrument without the assistance of a tuner.


Take a look at our other FAQs. If you’re ready to start your lessons, contact California Music Studios today.

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