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Temecula Music Lessons

Since 1987 California Music Studios has been providing highly customized music lessons in Temecula and other communities across Southern California. Our unique approach to music instruction has helped thousands of young children, teens, and adults achieve their goals of becoming accomplished musicians or singers. Through our comprehensive network of music teachers in Temecula, we are able to successfully match each student with the pre-qualified instructor who can best help them learn how to play an instrument and take their musical talents to the next level.

Why Take Music Lessons in Temecula with California Music Studios?

CMS has been providing personalized, one-on-one music lessons for over a quarter century. During these 25+ years, California Music Studios has worked diligently to develop relationships with professionally trained, independently established music instructors in Temecula and throughout Southern California. Our meticulous screening process and rigorous in-person interview ensure that each music teacher we work with is able to carry out our vision of a stimulating, challenging, and engaging learning environment for our students. Each of the 350+ music instructors we work with provides personalized lesson plans during in-home or studio sessions designed to accommodate the individual pace and learning style of each student. It is because of this time-consuming and intensive matching process that, according to an independent survey, our students have a 97% or better satisfaction rate with both their teacher and California Music Studios. Still, we are more than happy to swap instructors at the request of our students.


What Instrument Do You Want to Learn?

At California Music Studios you have the ability to engage in hands-on instruction across a wide range of musical instruments. From saxophone to trombone to classical or jazz piano lessons in Temecula, CMS teams up with the most experienced music instructors in the area. Our exhaustive list of instruments includes:

  • Singing Prepare for a voice-over, singing audition, or chorus performance by working with a classically trained vocal coach.
  • Piano Learn to play classical, jazz, pop, or blues piano by building on the fundamentals of music theory and technique.
  • Organ Also called the pipe organ, this instrument is similar to the piano and uses wind to create a deep, ethereal sound.
  • Accordion The accordion is as complex and deep as any instrument, allowing it to fit into any genre, particularly Polka.
  • Guitar Looking for guitar lessons in Temecula? You’re in luck. One of our most popular instruments to learn, students can play acoustic, electric, or bass guitar.
  • Violin/fiddle Although traditionally featured in classical music pieces and orchestras, the violin has a surprising amount of versatility and will sometimes appear in modern jazz and pop music.
  • Viola The viola is larger than a violin and produces a slightly deeper sound between the violin and the cello.
  • Cello The third largest member of the violin family delves into the mid-range, producing a deeper sound than both the violin and viola.
  • Bass The largest member of the violin family, the bass produces the lowest, deepest sound that can be modified for use in jazz, blues, and various music genres.
  • Banjo An offshoot of the guitar, the banjo is common in country and folk music.
  • Mandolin A member of the lute family, the mandolin is a double-strung string instrument that works with all styles and genres.
  • Drums The most identifiable member of the percussion family, the drum provides the rhythmic patterns that the rest of the band will follow.


  • Ukulele Best known for its use in traditional Hawaiian music, the ukulele is able to produce an impressive range of sounds given its small, compact size.
  • Trumpet Powerful, bright, and filled with character, the trumpet is at the heart of any jazz band or brass ensemble.
  • French horn Elegantly designed, the French horn consists of around 20 feet of brass tubing coiled into a complex instrument with a flared bell end. The French horn produces a slightly lower pitch than the trumpet.
  • Trombone This unique member of the brass family features a telescoping slide mechanism rather than valves, which help the trombone crease some interesting modifications in tone and pitch.
  • Tuba The tuba is essential in keeping the rhythm and laying the foundation for the rest of the band.
  • Flute Considered by many to be the first musical instrument (other than voice), the modern flute is extremely versatile and is a featured sound in nearly every musical genre.
  • Oboe The oboe has a distinctive, penetrating tone that allows it to stand above the rest.
  • Clarinet Similar to the flute but using reeds to produce sounds, the clarinet produces a feeble yet surprisingly versatile tonal range.
  • Saxophone The saxophone is creates a classical, distinctive sound that is the hallmark of jazz music.
  • Bassoon The bassoon is a prominent figure in chamber, orchestral, and concert band music.
  • Harmonica Small, easy to carry, and with an incredible amount of versatility, the harmonica has been featured in everything from jazz to classic rock and roll.
  • Harp Large, melodic instrument with a massive range of sound.


Music in Temecula

Temecula Valley has long been regarded as one of the best regions for wine in California. While Temecula may be best known for its sprawling vineyards, it also has an impressive musical heritage and some amazing concert and live music venues.

Given Temecula’s place in the wine world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most musical events and venues are combined with wine-tasting, or are related to the beverage in some shape or form. For instance, the Temecula Wine and Music Festival combines multiple music acts and wines from several local wineries in one celebratory weekend. Every March, the Bluegrass Festival is held in Old Town Temecula and features bands in the traditional bluegrass style, complete with fiddles, banjos, and mandolins. Another great place to catch a concert is the Miramonte Winery, which is a great place to enjoy live music and a glass of wine.

Want to experience what it’s like to be part of Temecula’s music community first hand? Contact California Music Studios today.

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