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San Diego Music Lessons

For over 25 years, California Music Studios has offered a unique service that simplifies the process of finding qualified music instructors for in-home and studio music lessons throughout San Diego County.

San Diego music teachers provide personalized instruction to ensure that students achieve personal goals at a steady but comfortable pace. Each teacher goes through a stringent qualifying process and a rigorous in-person professional and personal screening to ensure trust and safety.

Our objective is to pair students and teachers for an optimal, enriching learning experience. In fact, according to an independent survey, our students have a 97% or better satisfaction rate with both California Music Studios and their teacher. We have no problem finding a better fit for students and teachers if initial arrangements don’t work out, but most students and teachers develop a positive rapport that carries well past the instruction term. That constructive connection and one-on-one interaction is paired with a personalized lesson plan tailored to the student’s own learning speed and progress.

We suggest weekly lessons, but you can choose to do more or less depending on your circumstances. Plus, students can participate in any of the 65 or more recitals we hold each year.

Now, what instrument would you like to learn? See a full list of instruments or a sample of our most popular lessons below.


Guitar Lessons in San Diego

Whether you want to rock like The Cure or keep it contemporary classical like Julian Bream, California Music Studios pairs you with a teacher who will help you master the guitar. From fretting to Travis picking and beyond, the teachers we work with are dedicated to teaching you all the techniques you need to achieve your personal goals. We welcome students of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Piano Lessons in San Diego

If you’re not sure what instrument to start out with or have no inclinations toward a particular instrument, the piano or keyboard is a perfect place to start. With a tradition that dates back centuries, the piano offers the best foundation for music theory and technique, both of which carry over to other instruments. We pair students with teachers who will focus on personal goals, whether that’s mastering Bach and Beethoven or cutting out an entirely new niche.

Violin Lessons in San Diego

One of the most important instruments since the Baroque era, the violin has played an integral role in music theory and development. Violins possess a delicate sound that can carry melodies or provide accompaniment. Although it’s most widely considered a classical instrument, the violin can adapt to nearly all musical styles, particularly folk and jazz. The instructors we work with ensure students’ proper posture, play style, and technique as the foundation to creativity and free expression.

Singing Lessons in San Diego

No instrument is more natural than your voice. Singing requires just as much practice and technique as playing any other instrument. Instructors work with students to find range, pick up on harmonies, and develop sound technique so that they can sing with a confident, in-tune voice. With each hour-long lesson and plenty of practice, students will notice themselves improving, a welcome reward that only encourages them to keep learning.

To learn more about personalized music lessons with California Music Studios, fill out our contact form or give us a call.

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