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San Bernardino is filled with musical talent, so it’s not hard to find the right instructor for you!

California Music Studios is dedicated to connecting students with the most talented music teachers for a completely personalized experience. We refer students to music instructors in San Bernardino, San Diego, Los Angeles, and the greater Southern California area that encourage students to achieve goals through interactive and tailored lesson plans. Our teacher-student matching success rate is 97% or better, but we have no problem finding a different instructor if the compatibility just isn’t there.

To make finding the right teacher or music school in San Bernardino a bit easier for you, we’ve developed an in-depth evaluation process. Each of the instructors we refer students to must go through a strict in-person professional and personal screening process. We work to give you the best music-learning experience possible from the most trusted, qualified music instructors in the area, and our standards reflect that.

We recommend that students take weekly lessons, but frequency is up to you. Do you want to learn an instrument? See a full list of instruments or a sampling of our most popular lessons below.


Guitar Lessons in San Bernardino

Guitar remains one of the most popular instruments for classical and modern players alike. The biggest choice you have to make: acoustic or electric. Acoustic offers a twangy, classic sound for interesting picking patterns and mellow chord strums that can be played anywhere. The electric guitar generally offers a wider sonic palette. Match an electric guitar with an amp and a plethora of effect pedals and you have countless possibilities.

Through California Music Studios, students can be referred to music instructors in San Bernardino who specialize in acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. These instructors teach you basic to advanced techniques, from playing scales and strumming chords to creating your own chord progressions and solos.

Piano Lessons in San Bernardino

The piano is one of the most important instruments in the world of music. It presents a flexibility in sound and play style that allows you to include it any performance—classical, folk, jazz, or modern pop. Learning piano also introduces you to the fundamentals of music theory. These fundamentals carry over to all instruments and all genres. If you decide to switch to violin or to jazz, you already have a solid music theory foundation, giving you a big leg up.

California Music Studios helps students find the best piano teacher for you; one that matches well with your needs, learning speed, and personality. After just a few years of serious piano study, you should have no problem tackling any musical instrument.

Violin Lessons in San Bernardino

The violin, or fiddle, is a classical instrument that has been adapted to all genres, including folk and rock. Unlike guitar, the violin requires a bow and does not have any frets, which means you need a good ear to learn notes and pitches on your violin.

The violin family is expansive and includes cello, viola, and double bass. With practice and help from a professional instructor, you can seamlessly transition from the violin to one of its other family members.

Voice Lessons in San Bernardino

Your voice is the most natural instrument you have. It constantly changes, giving you the opportunity to exercise it and mold it into a fine-tuned tool that fits into any performance, whether you’re alone in your car or singing with a full choir.

California Music Studios can refer you to the most qualified teachers and vocal coaches to train the instrument you were born with. Through private music lessons in San Bernardino, you can learn proper breathing and singing technique as well as exercises to form your voice into a beautiful, unique instrument that is wholly yours. Plus, California Music Studios holds 65 recitals per year, giving you the chance to show off your voice in front of your loved ones.

The most popular private music lessons in San Bernardino are guitar, piano, violin, and voice, but we work with over 350 teachers that specialize in many other instruments and musical genres. Maybe you’d like to learn a woodwind or brass instrument for your school’s marching band. Maybe you want to master the mandolin to play your favorite folk tunes. We can help you find an instructor in whatever musical discipline you please.

If you’ve been considering music school in San Bernardino, why not try private, personalized in-home or studio lessons instead? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to take the first major step in exploring your musical skills.

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