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Riverside Music Lessons

Riverside is located in the heart of the Inland Empire. It is home to famous drummer Travis Barker and the world famous Coachella Music festival.

Perhaps Riverside music lessons are so popular because the county is home to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The annual celebration of art and music is enough to bring out the inner musician in anyone. Have you or your child been bitten by the music bug? California Music Studios provides an outlet for creativity through in-home or studio music lessons. We match qualified music instructors with students, allowing students to master a musical instrument and achieve personal goals.We refer students to music teachers in Riverside and much of the Southern California region. These teachers take a personalized approach to each student, crafting custom lesson plans based on interests, abilities, and learning style. Although we will change your instructor if you request, we have a 97% or better success rate. We understand that personal compatibility is an important part of a positive learning experience, and it’s not uncommon for students and teachers to develop a rapport that carries past the initial term.

We do recommend that students take weekly lessons; however, the frequency of lessons is up to you. Students have the chance to perform in the 65 recitals we hold each year, too.

What instrument are you interested in? See a full list of instruments or a sampling of our most popular lessons below.


Guitar Lessons in Riverside

The guitar has deep historical roots with influences from all parts of the globe, but the modern classical guitar was created in Spain. The classic six-string hasn’t changed much in design, but style and sound have evolved drastically. Folk and country still use the guitar’s mellow sound and draw off the land, but rock, jazz, and other modern genres take the guitar to a whole new level.

At California Music Studios, we connect students with a professional guitar instructor who creates a unique, personalized lesson plan according to personal style, experience level, and needs. Teachers instruct students in all styles of guitar, including flamenco, classical, jazz, and blues. The personalized attention and encouragement ensures that students get a great experience that helps them grow as a musician and a person.

Riverside Piano Lessons

The piano combines a wide range of technological innovations—hammered strings, keyboard mechanisms, a soundboard—to create the beautiful sound that has become such an essential element of all genres of music. While it has a classical background, the piano of today has been modified to suit everything from folk to electronica.

A few years of serious piano study allows you to pick up some fundamental music theory concepts, all of which carry over to other instruments. Learning to play the guitar or violin after learning the piano is much easier because you have the basic music theory already committed to memory.

If you’ve been considering enrolling in a Riverside music school or have any questions for us, contact California Music Studios today.

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