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Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar or the saxophone? Have you wanted to serenade others or write upbeat pop songs with the best of them? There’s no reason you can’t learn right now. With a little commitment, plenty of practice, and a helping hand from California Music Studios, you’ll be filling Rancho Santa Fe with good tunes in no time.

Why Take Music Lessons in Rancho Santa Fe with California Music Studios?

For over a quarter century, California Music Studios has been committed to helping students find the best music instructors around for in-home or studio music lessons in Rancho Santa Fe. We have high standards and only work with teachers who can uphold those standards. To ensure that, every music instructor we work with must go through strict evaluation processes, which include personal screenings and background checks. We leave no stone unturned.

Once we qualify the teachers, they are matched up with the students for individual music lessons. This entails private, one-on-one instruction with lesson plans that are tailored to a student’s specific learning style and speed. If you need extra time learning a particular concept or technique, the teachers we work with can take the time to make sure you learn it properly. You don’t have to worry about being left behind or rushing too far ahead. Each lesson goes at a steady pace to reach your desired goals.

According to personal surveys, we boast a 97 percent or better success rate with matching students and teachers. However, if you are unsatisfied with your instructor for any reason, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll happily swap your teacher out for someone more to your liking.


Choose Your Instrument

We work with a network of over 350 private music teachers, so whether you want to play jazz clarinet or take guitar lessons in Rancho Santa Fe, we have the knowledgeable personnel to show you the ropes. Some of the instruments you can learn through California Music Studios include:

  • Voice – Your voice is as unique as it gets, and it’s conveniently portable. A vocal teacher can help you shape your voice muscles for improved range, tone, and volume.
  • Drums – The heart of a band or ensemble, the drums are so much more than loud banging and clattering. The drums are responsible for keeping the tempo while adding rhythmic accompaniments and plenty of flare. The drums are also one of the few instruments that are visually cool to play.
  • Woodwinds – The woodwind family offers some of the oldest instruments in the world. Offering an amazing range—the average B flat clarinet can easily play three and a half octaves—and dexterous technique, woodwinds are a fitting addition to any ensemble, from classical to jazz. They are easy to play, difficult to master, but with some help from a music instructor, you should have no problem playing with the best of them.
    • Flute/Piccolo
    • Oboe
    • Clarinet
    • Saxophone
    • Bassoon
    • Harmonica
  • Brass – Where woodwinds offer delicate sound and multi-octave play, the brass provide power and volume. While it’s not impossible to play from a C below the staff to a C above the staff (a whole two octaves), brass instruments require a finer control of embouchure and breathing as most brass instruments only have three valves. They are still a lot of fun to play, especially when you get into more upbeat jazz styles.
    • Trumpet/cornet
    • Horn
    • Trombone
    • Tuba
  • Keys – Although they’re not the oldest instruments, keyed instruments have had the most influence on the music world. Many classical composers worked almost entirely on keyed instruments. Today, anyone who writes songs or compositions starts on the keys. If you aren’t sure what to learn, we highly recommend the piano. Signing up for Rancho Santa Fe piano lessons ensures excellent primer on music theory, which consists of reading sheet music and understanding musical concepts. Music theory applies to all instruments and all forms of music. A few years of piano lessons offers enough music theory education to easily transition to another instrument, if you so choose.
    • Piano
    • Keyboard
    • Organ
    • Accordion
  • Strings – The string family offers some of the most variation of all musical families. Some strings are bowed. Others are picked or plucked. Still others are strummed. Strings are just plain fun to play. In Rancho Santa Fe, guitar lessons continue to be popular among all ages. Guitars have an instantly familiar sound that is pleasant, versatile, and, most importantly, easy to share with others. The best part: once you know guitar, you can easily transition to others in the string family.
    • Guitar (acoustic, electric, bass)
    • Violin (viola, cello, double bass)
    • Ukulele
    • Banjo
    • Mandolin
    • Harp
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Whether you’re learning to sing or taking piano lessons in Rancho Santa Fe, here are some frequently asked questions to help you on your musical journey.

  • Why does posture matter?

    Posture is all about ensuring your comfort while maximizing your playing abilities. For example, in wind instruments, sitting up straight accommodates proper breathing and gives your lungs and diaphragm room to expand. With guitars, sitting properly allows you to reach all the strings and frets without straining your arm or wrist. Good posture should never feel uncomfortable or painful. Talk with your music instructor to determine the proper playing posture.

  • Why do I need to play so many scales?

    Scales are what most students start with and something you’ll continue without throughout the course of your music education, but why do they hold so much emphasis? Turns out, a lot of reasons:

    • They build the foundation for technique in your fingers and lungs.
    • Scales are a valuable part of learning theory and familiarize you with playing in different keys and understanding flats and sharps.
    • If you’re learning jazz, scales are the building blocks for improvisation.
    • As you practice scales, you can also integrate patterns and dynamics to develop your expressive abilities.


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