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Think that learning how to play a new instrument is an unrealistic or unattainable goal? Think again. Since 1987, California Music Studios has helped young children, teens, and adults pick up and master a huge variety of instruments through personalized music lessons in Pasadena and other Southern California communities. CMS has an established network of professionally trained music instructors who specialize in one-on-one music lessons for kids, teens, and adults. The instructors we work with have undergone an extensive personal and professional screening process to ensure that they are fully qualified to help our students reach their potential through in-home and studio lessons.

Why Choose California Music Studios for Music Lessons in Pasadena?

California Music Studios works with over 350 independently established music instructors throughout Southern California, enabling us to maintain a high level of music instruction in dozens of cities, including Pasadena. For over 25 years, CMS has been considered one of the best Pasadena music schools, providing everything from flute and cello to guitar and piano lessons in Pasadena. Our established presence in Los Angeles County has a lot to do with the extensive network of music teachers we work with to bring our students the most customized music instruction possible. This personalized approach has been a primary factor in students reporting a 97% satisfaction rate with both CMS and their instructors.

Flexibility has been at the center of California Music Studios when it comes to our offering of music lessons. Students have the ability to participate in music lessons at one of our music studios, or have their instructor teach them how to play an instrument in the comfort of their own home. We have classes available seven days a week, with the majority of our students participating in weekly music lessons for a minimum of eight to nine months. Students can choose more or fewer lessons depending on their circumstances. When students are ready, they can participate in any one of the 65 formal and informal recitals that CMS holds throughout the year.



A Wide Range of Instruments to Choose From at California Music Studios

Whether you are interested in guitar lessons in Pasadena, taking your piano skills to the next level, or improving your vocal and singing abilities, California Music Studios can match you with the perfect instructor to help you achieve your goals. CMS offers music lessons in the following instrument families:

  • Strings: As you might have guessed, any instrument with strings falls into the string family. This defining characteristic makes the string family extremely diverse, with instruments including:
    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Ukulele
    • Banjo
    • Violin
    • Cello
    • Viola
    • Double Bass
    • Mandolin
    • Harp
  • Woodwinds: This family of musical instruments draws its name from the fact that all members were once constructed solely out of wood. Today, the woodwind family consists of:
    • Flute
    • Piccolo
    • Saxophone
    • Oboe
    • Clarinet
    • Bass clarinet
    • Bassoon
    • Contrabassoon
    • English horn



  • Brass: The brass family has a rich history across a wide variety of musical styles. Instruments that fall under this category include:
    • Trumpet
    • Trombone
    • French horn
    • Tuba
  • Keys: Keyed instruments are those that create sound by pressing down on keys that strike strings or force air through pipes. Keyed instruments include:
    • Piano
    • Organ
    • Keyboard
    • Accordion
  • Percussion: With a huge variety of members, the percussion instrument family is the largest in the orchestra. Percussion instruments include:
    • Drums
    • Bass drum
    • Snare drum
    • Cymbals
    • Castanets
    • Xylophone
    • Triangle




Pasadena Music Facts

The city of Pasadena, CA is situated in Los Angeles County between the San Rafael Hills and the San Gabriel Mountains and is home to a rich history of music and performing arts. The Pasadena Conservatory of Music is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music. Founded in 1928 by conductor Reginald Bland, the Pasadena Symphony provides multiple concerts throughout the year, including their popular Symphony Classics series. A multitude of organizations and festivals also operate in Pasadena and work to provide the community with free or low-cost musical performances. Among these organizations and festivals are the Pasadena Musical Theatre, Pasadena Music Scene, and Make Music Pasadena.

Musical venues are plentiful in Pasadena and include the Leavitt Pavilion Pasadena, the Boston Court Performing Arts Center, the Ambassador Auditorium, and Beckman Auditorium.

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