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Orange County Music Lessons

Hometown of Gwen Stephani and her popular band No Doubt,  it’s no wonder that Orange County is known for it’s extensive list of famous musicians.

Do you want to sing like one of the Three Tenors? Have you dreamed of playing the guitar with as much skill and gusto as Jimi Hendrix? At California Music Studios, students make their musical dreams a reality. We take the time to connect you to the best teachers who can provide in-home or studio music lessons in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and much of the greater Southern California area. We refer students to over 350 private music teachers and uphold strict standards so that students receive the best personalized instruction. We perform rigorous, in-person professional and personal screenings on all Orange County music teachers we work with. While our pairings have a solid success rate—97% or better—you have no obligation to stay with a teacher and can get a new instructor right away. Our objective is to make this a meaningful, enjoyable, and constructive experience for each student.

Weekly lessons are recommended, but students can do fewer or more than this, depending on individual circumstances. As an added bonus, students get a chance to show off their new skills at any of our 65 recitals throughout the year.

See a full list of instruments or check out our most popular lessons below.

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Piano Lessons in Orange County

The piano is one of the most flexible instruments in any musician’s arsenal that can easily adapt to any style of play, from classical to jazz to contemporary pop. Learning piano is a foundational experience as it offers in-depth music theory and technique that can be transposed to other instruments and musical styles very easily. After five years of serious piano study with an instructor, you can pick up and play just about any available instrument.

Voice Lessons in Orange County

Your voice is a wonderful instrument. You always have it with you and it is an instrument that you can constantly develop. However, with the help of an instructor, you can turn your voice into a thing of beauty that can harmonize, tune, and project into the audience. Most importantly, we match students with a singing teacher who will encourage confidence to pursue goals, whether it’s joining the glee club or pursuing a career as an indie rocker. The teachers we refer students to are professionally trained in a wide range of styles, so whether a student wants to sing opera, theater, or R&B, we can find the teacher for you.

Drum Lessons in Orange County

Drums are one of the oldest instruments and date as far back as the Neolithic Era, but there’s much more to playing the drums than hitting sticks together and pounding the snare. Students will develop a sense of rhythm, stick control, and drum rudiments to become the true heart of any band.

Guitar Lessons in Orange County

The guitar is the cool instrument that everyone wants to learn. Through California Music Studios, students can find teachers to help with all types and styles of guitar—acoustic, electric, and bass. The trained instructors we match our students with offer personalized lessons, so if you want to learn jazz, you can learn from someone who knows his Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery.

There’s no better way to while away the days in temperate Orange County than with a bit of music. Contact us to take the first step in realizing your music-playing dreams.

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