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Laguna Niguel Music Lessons

Situated along Highway 1 just north of Dana Point, Laguna Niguel is an affluent coastal community with a pleasant year-round climate and picturesque homes dotting the seaside cliffs. Among the many activities available to residents of the area, learning to play an instrument and taking music lessons in Laguna Niguel is a wonderful option. The benefits of developing a musical talent are plentiful and include increased memory capacity, improved English and mathematics skills, higher self-esteem, and a greater appreciation for different cultural and musical traditions.

Why Go with California Music Studios for Music Lessons in Laguna Niguel?

California Music Studios has been delivering the highest level of personalized, one-on-one music instruction the Laguna Niguel area since 1987. Our strict qualification and screening process has allowed us to build relationships with over 350 highly trained, independently established music teachers throughout Southern California. Through this rigorous selection process, California Music Studios has been able to develop partnerships with some of the best vocal coaches, professional musicians, and music teachers in Laguna Niguel. This has played a major role in earning CMS a 97% satisfaction rating when it comes to matching students with a pre-qualified music instructor. In the event that a successful match isn’t made, or if a student simply wishes for a change, we are more than happy to connect students with a new instructor.

In addition to eliminating the time and guesswork involved in selecting a pre-qualified music instructor, California Music Studios offers students the ability to take music classes seven days a week. Although CMS recommends that its students engage in hourly classes at least once or twice per week, students are free to take more or fewer classes as desired. This flexibility has contributed to our popularity and success for more than 25 years.


Which Instrument(s) Can You Learn to Play at CMS?

We are extremely proud to offer saxophone, trumpet, violin, guitar, and piano lessons in Laguna Niguel. In fact, we offer private in-home and studio lessons for over 20 instruments, including:

  • Keys: Keyed instruments are those that create sound by pressing down on keys that strike strings or force air through pipes. Keyed instruments include:
    • Piano The most recognizable keyed instrument with a variety of types including the grand, upright, toy, electric, and digital piano.
    • Organ Version of the piano that creates sound by moving air through pipes.
    • Accordion Box-shaped instrument that is played by compressing and expanding a series of bellows while simultaneously pressing and releasing keys.
  • Woodwinds: This family of musical instruments draws its name from the fact that all members were once constructed solely out of wood. Today, the woodwind family consists of:
    • Flute Considered the oldest known musical instrument, the flute is a reedless woodwind instrument with variations found in Japanese, Indian, Chinese, German, and various other cultural music traditions.
    • Saxophone Easily recognizable instrument frequently featured in classic and contemporary jazz music.
    • Piccolo The piccolo is essentially a shrunken flute, played in the same way but producing a higher pitch.
    • Oboe Double-reed member of the woodwind family which creates soprano-ranged sounds.
    • Clarinet The clarinet produces a distinctive timbre and has the largest pitch range among all members of the woodwind family.
  • Percussion: With a huge variety of members, the percussion instrument family is the largest in the orchestra. Percussion instruments include:
    • Drums Rhythmic percussion instrument popular in modern musical genres like jazz and rock.
    • Bass Drum Large single drum producing a very low sound.
    • Snare Drum Unpitched percussion instrument used in marching bands, concert bands, drum corps, and orchestra.


  • Brass: The brass family has a rich history across a wide variety of musical styles. Instruments that fall under this category include:
    • Trumpet Classic jazz instrument made famous by musicians like Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis.
    • Trombone As with all brass instruments in the brass family, the trombone is played by an embouchure into the mouthpiece, but differs in that it utilizes a sliding mechanism to adjust tone and pitch.
    • Tuba Large and low, the tuba is the anchor of the brass family with its deep and rich sound.
  • Strings: As you might have guessed, any instrument with strings falls into the string family. This defining characteristic makes the string family extremely diverse, with instruments including:
    • Guitar Electric or acoustic, six strings or twelve, guitar lessons in Laguna Niguel are among our most popular service.
    • Bass Four-stringed instrument played by plucking, thumbing, and slapping.
    • Ukulele From the Hawaiian words uku (flea) and lele (jump or jumping), the ukulele is a small four-string guitar that produces a charming, recognizable sound.
    • Banjo Stringed instrument commonly featured in bluegrass, folk, country, and traditional Irish music.
    • Violin Instrument featured in classical, folk, jazz, and Baroque music, played by drawing a horse-hair bow across its four strings.
    • Cello Member of the violin family and second-largest bowed string instrument. Creates a deeper sound than both the violin and the viola.
    • Viola Other member of the violin family, the viola is in between the violin and cello in both size and sound.
    • Mandolin A descendant of the mandore and member of the lute family, the mandolin commonly comes in three variations: bowl-backed, arch-topped, and flat-topped.




The Benefits of Music Education

Whether you want to learn how to play an instrument or your goal is to polish your existing musical skills, music education has been shown to:

  • Enhance and expedite language development in young children
  • Improve sound discrimination and fine motor tasks
  • Help students perform better on standardized tests and SATs
  • Demonstrate the value of sustained effort and perseverance
  • Advance the development of cognitive recognition, as well as math and reading skills
  • Cultivate confidence, self-esteem, and leadership qualities

Experience the joy of music by signing up for music lessons in Laguna Niguel with California Music Studios today.




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