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Residents of northern San Diego County looking to participate in an engaging, challenging, and stimulating activity can team up with California Music Studios for everything from singing lessons to guitar lessons in Encinitas. For over 25 years, CMS has been working closely with highly qualified music instructors throughout the Southern California area to provide personalized in-home or studio music lessons in Encinitas and other communities in sunny SoCal. Our main objective is to match every child and adult with the perfect pre-qualified Encinitas music instructor to enable them to reach their desired musical goals.

Why Choose California Music Studios for Music Lessons in Encinitas?

Whether you are an experienced musician looking to polish your skills and prepare for a big performance or you have children that are interested in learning an instrument for the first time, California Music Studios has the experience to help students of all ages achieve their desired level of musical ability. CMS works with over 300 rigorously screened, independently established music teachers, allowing us to provide students with an unparalleled level of one-on-one, customized music instruction. Because no two music students are the same, we work with music instructors who are well-trained in developing and personalized lessons plans that are unique to each student. Not only does this facilitate an environment for each student to progress and succeed at their own pace, but it is also a major factor in CMS earning a 97% or better teacher-to-student matching success rate.

California Music Studios offers music lessons seven days a week, with our recommendation to students being weekly hour-long lessons for at least eight to nine months. We have found that students following this schedule of participation typically find the highest levels of growth and progress.


What Instrument Do You Want to Learn?

The professionally trained music teachers in Encinitas that we work with specialize in many instruments, which allows us to offer an impressive range of choices when it comes to deciding which instrument to learn. From flute to saxophone to piano lessons in Encinitas, our diverse range of instrument instruction includes:

  • Singing Focus on the development of basic vocal abilities, including pitch and tone.
  • Drums Rhythmic percussion instrument popular in modern musical genres like jazz and rock.
  • Piano Styles include blues, jazz, pop, and classical piano for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.
  • Organ Very similar to the piano, but creates a deeper sound. Pipe organs are a specific version commonly used in cathedrals and churches.
  • Guitar Electric, acoustic, and bass lessons in styles ranging from modern rock to jazz.
  • Violin Initial instruction focuses on bringing out the classical sound of the violin before progressing to more modern examples and pieces.
  • Cello Member of the violin family that produces a deeper sound than both the violin and viola.
  • Viola Member of the violin family that is a little bit larger than a violin and produces a slightly deeper sound between the violin and the cello.
  • Flute Classic woodwind instrument with origins in the earliest beginnings of musical instruments.
  • Clarinet An important instrument in the evolution of jazz, the clarinet is a single-reed woodwind instrument with a cylindrical tube and bell-shaped end.
  • Trumpet The highest register in the brass family and the centerpiece of jazz bands everywhere. The trumpet’s history dates all the way back to 1500 B.C.
  • Trombone A sliding aerophone instrument and member of the brass family, the trombone is a mainstay in jazz, salsa, and ska music.
  • Saxophone Single-reed woodwind instrument with a well-established presence in contemporary and classical jazz.

The Importance of Learning to Play an Instrument

Music instruction has held an influential place in the world of general education for hundreds of years. As a formal area of study, music education in the United States from general music theory to the act of learning to play an instrument dates back to 18th century, when the first American school dedicated solely to the art of singing was established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1717. From there, music education in the U.S. continued to expand through the 21st century until fairly recently, when budget cuts and other educational policy adjustments have led to the decline of music education in public schools throughout the country.

Considering the plethora of benefits that musical education and learning to play an instrument provides, this decline is of great concern. Learning to play an instrument has been shown to enhance coordination, sharpen concentration, promote social and teamwork skills, instill discipline and self-confidence, and improve memory.

When parents encourage their kids to learn how to play an instrument, they quickly realize the added benefits of teaching them responsibility (in caring for their instrument), an appreciation for different cultures (by learning about various musical traditions and histories), and perseverance (through constant practice and repetition).

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