Music Classes for Kids and Adults in Southern California

Pacific Beach to Poway, Laguna Beach to Los Alamitos, Valley Village to Van Nuys—California Music Studios has been connecting students of all ages with professionally trained, independently established music instructors for more than 25 years. CMS refers students to over 300 local music teachers across five Southern California counties who provide students with in-house and studio music instruction in a personalized, one-on-one environment. California Music Studios Director, Founder, and President Jennifer Paterson has worked diligently to create the most extensive network of independent music instructors in Southern California, helping music students save time and guesswork by providing a unique teacher/student matching experience.

Why Choose California Music Studios?

The music teachers that CMS refers students to offer private, one-on-one music classes, providing students with the necessary attention required to learn an instrument at their individual pace. Over the years, CMS has cultivated a 97% or better satisfaction rate, which is something we are extremely proud of. CMS offers both in-home and studio lessons seven days a week. We recommend that students participate in weekly lessons in order to get the most from their instruction, but you can choose more or fewer depending on your needs.

Each of the 300+ music instructors must pass a demanding professional and personal screening and qualification process. This ensures that they are more than qualified to provide customized music classes for adults and children with a strong emphasis on personalized engagement to help students reach their musical goals.

Learn to Play an Instrument in Southern California

California Music Studios works with local music teachers in hundreds of cities across five Southern California counties:

Or see a full list of music lesson locations.

Living Better by Learning an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument can bring you much more than just a new talent. Among many other benefits, learning an instrument and listening to music has been shown to:

  • Make it easier to comprehend and learn new languages
  • Improve scores on standardized math and English tests
  • Reduce blood pressure, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression
  • Enhance physical performance during exercise and decrease fatigue

Let California Music Studios introduce these and the many other advantages of music instruction to your life. Contact us today to be connected to a local music instructor in your SoCal city today.

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