Homeschool Music Lessons and Classes

Are you part of a Homeschooling family? Whether you homeschool independently or through a charter school, the state of California offers great benefits to homeschooling families. One of these benefits is funding students’ extracurricular activities—including music lessons! No matter which curriculum you’re using to homeschool, private music lessons or group music lessons come with many…

Photo By: Rich McFadden, public domain

Winter audition dates in San Diego

Hey CMS students! There are organizations and shows all over San Diego looking for YOUR unique talents! Check out some of the links below to find out about auditions that will help you make the most of your musical talents!   Watch for Orange County and Los Angeles auditions next week.   Orchestras/Instrumental: January 3-15:…

Back to school for your kids? Don’t forget to schedule private music lessons.

With kids going back to school, it important to schedule private music lessons as soon as possible in order to get good times and instructors. Weekly music lessons are not just an opportunity to acquire musical skills, they offer a chance to leave all the homework worries, social drama and other stressors at the door. In the same vein, daily practice doesn’t need to be a grind. Instead, it can function as an effective “brain break”.

Why you should take music lessons during the school year

School can be overwhelming, and music is one of the best ways you can deal with the chaos. As the looming start of school fast approaches, you may be deciding on your schedule for the upcoming school year. Music lessons can enhance your formal education in a multitude of ways. From social and motivational opportunities to time management and school engagement, here’s a few reasons for you to take lessons.