Connecting music students & teachers.

California Music Schools is dedicated to improving and facilitating the music education experience.

Students need great teachers. Teachers need great students.

California Music Schools connects aspiring musicians with talented music instructors that want to teach them.

We match students with teachers based on their mutual musical interests, skills & goals, since this results in a better and more rewarding learning experience.

Students benefit from the free match with local teachers that have been vetted – with both professional and personal background checks.

Teachers benefit by getting more students to teach, but also they retain their freedom. When a potential match is made by California Music Studios, we inform the teacher, who always get to choose the students they want to teach, as well as when, where and how they want to teach.


Local focus.

Focusing on Southern California

California Music Studios currently helps students and teachers in the following Southern California markets:

Southern California headquarters.

California Music Studios has actual physical offices, with real humans working in them.

Teachers and students can speak with us via phone – 6 days a week.

We’re always happy to help with any support, accounting or other questions you have.

California Music Studios

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How does it work?

Getting your free match is easy. Here’s how it works:

Over 30 years experience in matching students with the right teachers.

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    Call us for a quick chat so we know what you are looking for.
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    Speak with a highly-trained placement coordinator who will find your ideal teacher.
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    Your instructor will contact you to schedule your first lesson.
It’s easy. Here’s how it works:
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    Call us for a quick chat or send us an email so we can understand what when and where you want to teach. We’ll give you the application form and run a background check.

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    When a student is looking for a teacher in your area that is the right fit for what you want to teach, we’ll contact you and ask if you’re interested.

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    You then contact the student directly and set a date for your first lesson. Teach your lessons, turn in your basic billing information, and we’ll send you a paycheck.

Contact us

We can typically get back to you within 5 minutes during regular hours.

Call (800) 227-6222 now, or use this form:
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Testimonials from students

Riverside, CA

Mariah has been a perfect fit for our daughter. We honestly couldn’t be happier or more satisfied. She is a phenomenal teacher, and we feel extremely blessed beyond words to have her in our lives. I have no doubt that this is one thing our child will continue to excel at, and we have her…

Riverside, CA

I have seen great improvement in our daughter’s confidence and abilities to sing. We are very happy with Mariah and all the hard work, patience, and dedication she has with [our daughter]. Mariah is professional  and passionate about her work and we love how her attitude towards music excites our daughter.

Corona, CA

Our daughter continues to enjoy and learn her music from her teacher. She looks forward to her lesson every week with Mariah and proudly shows me what she has learned after the lessons are over.  Mariah has a way of encouraging her that makes so much difference in her willingness to keep trying things that…

Riverside, CA

“It is a great fit. My girls love Mariah! Because they connected so well during their voice lessons, we asked her to teach them both piano as well!”

San Bernardino, CA

[My daughter] volunteered to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” in front of 26 guests for Thanksgiving and she sang it beautifully! Everyone was so happy that she wanted to do it and said that the lessons are really paying off.

Sylvia S.
Riverside, CA

I liked William and related to him nicely.  Being older, he did not make me feel uncomfortable and seemed very conscientious.  I enjoy lessons and look forward to practicing and my next lesson. Thank You!

San Bernardino, CA

William is a very patient and encouraging teacher. He speaks to [my son] in a very positive manner, and incorporates [his] interest in each lesson.

Lana B.
Pasadena, CA

My son has performed in one CMS free recital and is getting ready to play in another one–his progress was so warmly encouraged and nurtured by the teacher, I started to take lessons, too! We are having a blast, and my son even had a leg up on music when he started band in middle…

Tammy F.
Huntington Beach, CA

I have seen my daughter gain confidence and her vocal ability has increased dramatically.  I would recommend CMS to anyone who needs or wants music lessons.  I have had nothing but positive experiences with CMS.

Ja S.
Encinitas, CA

As a parent, I wanted to make sure that my kids learned how to play the piano, but more importantly, I wanted to make sure they developed a love of music and thought of music as something fun–not drudgery (I know, I had issues about my past experiences with piano lessons!) The individual teachers really…

San Diego, CA

My daughter has taken lessons with [CMS] for many years.  [She] started out with piano lessons…then went on to voice lessons They helped me find the perfect teacher and she loves singing now.  She is now off to college in LA and they have teachers there too–her teacher there is also phenomenal!!   

Ashley J.
North Hollywood, CA

[California Music Studios] made sure we had what we needed and were happy with our service. We will be with them long-term. In addition, I can tell they are very picky about the teachers they choose. They are the best!  

Kent S.
Encinitas, CA

Our family could not be happier with Shayla – she is a wonderful piano teacher! My son is excited to play piano each week. I feel like we are giving him a gift that will last a lifetime.  

Christina S.
San Diego, CA

Very professional, they understand the needs of young musicians!

Jasmine D.
San Jose, CA

So glad I found CMS!  The teacher they recommended is very nice and is great with kids!  You guys are AMAZING!

Cathy W.
Anaheim, CA

My daughter studies piano with Eric LeVan, a world-class pianist.  She could barely play anything when she first met him and now is playing many classical pieces.  She has excelled quickly under his instruction.  I strongly recommend California Music Studios, and more specifically Eric LeVan.

Bayan G.
Garden Grove, CA

My daughter started voice classes in 2014.  Absolutely loves her lessons.  My daughter feels more confident to perform in public now.  She loves our teacher.

San Diego, CA

My daughter has been getting lessons from Jasmine for several months now.  We are very pleased.  She has learned a lot and she loves Jasmine.  The recitals are a good motivator for her.

Mich K.
Carlsbad, CA

We are so happy with CMS and our children’s piano teacher.  We could not be happier.

Testimonials from teachers:


Teaching for California Music Studios has freed up so much of my brainspace to focus on what I really care about—music. It’s such a relief to leave the recruitment and the fee collection to someone else. The recitals have been so much fun for my students—instead of seeing only other pianists, they get to see…


California Music Studios makes it easy to balance my teaching with my other responsibilities. CMS sends me students and I am able to coordinate lesson days and times with them directly. The CMS office staff is always helpful and great to work with.

Lawrence A.

Over the past 7 years, [California Music Studios] has provided over 30 students, and many of those students are still with me.


Benefitting local music student & teachers.

Compare the benefits:

You get more.

A better way to find a music teacher.
Required background checks
Custom teacher selection
In-person teacher screening
35+ FREE recitals a year
US-based live customer support
In business for 30+ years

You get more.

More benefits than you get on your own or with other services.
Other services
Freedom to choose who/when/where you want to teach
Extensive marketing time & budget (to attract new students)
Potential students matched to what you want to teach?
Risk-free, non-exclusive IC agreement?
Accounting & billing handled by professionals?
65+ FREE recitals a year
US-based live customer support
In business for 30+ years