Why you should take music lessons during the school year

School can be overwhelming, and music is one of the best ways you can deal with the chaos. As the looming start of school fast approaches, you may be deciding on your schedule for the upcoming school year. Music lessons can enhance your formal education in a multitude of ways. From social and motivational opportunities to time management and school engagement, here’s a few reasons for you to take lessons.


Early childhood music students show enhanced executive functions and auditory-based communication skills, setting them up to become great leaders from a young age. These enhanced communication skills are also valuable in developing friendships and relationships. By continuing or beginning music lessons during the school year, you are simultaneously investing in your personal and professional relationships.


Often school can be a source of stress and anxiety, and music is not only a great creative outlet, but can also help create a sense of achievement and raise self-esteem. By setting challenging musical goals and achieving them, you can learn to set academic goals, and form habits that help you achieve them.


Playing music requires a great deal of repetition, which is important in memorization and pattern recognition. These skills are key in mathematical analysis and lead to higher scores on standardized tests such as the SAT. Music has also been researched in correlation with the development of the left brain, and has been shown to improve language and reasoning skills, both of which are key in academic testing. To practice these skills in a creative way, you can take music lessons in conjunction with your academic learning.

Learning music helps manage your time, set goals, learn valuable social and emotional skills, and develop a testing tool box. Music lessons are a valuable investment during the school year, so get started now before the chaos overwhelms your schedule!

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