California Music Studios’ Funky Piano

The Vision

December 2018, began the start of a creative journey at California Music Studios. You may have noticed the blue and orange Funky Piano outside our Leucadia office as you drive on the 101. Maybe you’ve admired it from afar as you walk back from the beach, or stopped by to listen to a stranger take on the public stage. Or perhaps you are one of the dozen players that stop for some musical therapy before taking on the day. The relationships formed with the Funky Piano go to the heart of our goals for this project, exemplifying the joys a little bit of music can bring to your day.

The Player

Music can have many long-term cognitive benefits, but often the immediate advantages of creating music are overlooked. The Funky Piano is a creative outlet that isn’t confining or restrictive for the player. Allowing for stress relief, musical innovation, and an opportunity to perform in a public space. From beginners to experienced players, those that stop by to play the Funky Piano leave with a smile on their face.

The Listener

Enjoyed not only by the player but also the listener, music is dependent on the two parties working together. Often, the performer at the Funky Piano is surrounded by an enthusiastic audience of supporters. This exchange goes beyond music, allowing for the listener to take active participation in the process. There are opportunities for siblings to play next to each other. While strangers can bond over their love for the same songs, even teaching one another new skills and techniques. The Funky Piano has become home to the musical experiences of both those that live in the Leucadia neighborhood, and those that travel great distances for the San Diego sun.

The Piano

Seeing the positive impacts of the Funky Piano around the community, CMS recently partnered with Coffee Coffee, a local coffee shop that is now home to a new piano for public use. Spreading the joys of spontaneous musical experiences, we look forward to providing more opportunities for San Diego to keep jammin’.