Why you should take summer music lessons

After decades of research, ample data has been presented to show the overall benefits of learning music. These benefits include:

  • Increased range of vocabulary
  • Better cognitive skills
  • Improved memory
  • Discipline

Regardless of the many benefits, learning an instrument can be time constraining and difficult to fit into already busy schedules. Therefore, summer break poses the perfect opportunity to begin signing up for classes and getting started on your musical journey. Summer practice allows you to start projects and experiment with new techniques or styles, broadening your scope of musical abilities.

Time for creativity

Much like learning a new language, practice is essential to improving your musical skills, so letting go of your usual practice regiment could be detrimental to your accomplishments. Scheduling lessons and planning your practice schedule ahead of time is crucial to improving the momentum of the year. Musical practice can come with benefits in other parts of your summer life as well. Increased creativity and focus are examples of this, and can be useful in creating your own compositions and inspiring you to create art through other artistic mediums.

Increased opportunities to perform

Just as important as practice, performance is another area in which the summer can be a perfect time for improvement. Having experience in live performance is key to perfecting a musical instrument, and can only be fulfilled with multiple performances. Working your way towards a summer recital or even a family performance is an effective way to gain experience in performing in front of others, while also keeping motivated as you practice.


During the summer your family and friends are also more likely to have free time. Because of this, collaborating in music can become much more accessible. You can best organize a collaboration by getting together the people you want to create with and setting up a practice schedule. Bringing together your performance goals with your collaboration ones, you can create music for a set performance during the summer.

It can be easy to set aside your music for the summer and fall into a pattern of late mornings and movie trips, but the benefits of learning music during the summer far outweigh the comforts of not doing so. From extra practice time and performance and collaboration opportunities to cognitive benefits, an instrument is calling your name this summer.