How to prepare a musical performance as a gift

The gift of music

As the special day of celebrating your loved one rolls around, so does the age-old question of what the perfect gift could be. Is it possible that an original, low cost, and creative gift could exist in something other than the yearly repeat of a handmade card? Perhaps the answer you have been looking for is the gift of music; a way to celebrate your biggest supporter and show off some of your newly learned skills at the same time.

The joys of a musical performance are memorable in more ways than one, they can bring together the entire family and create an experience that will go down in the family history books, setting the standards high for every celebration to come.

Live performance

To get started on your musical gift, it’s important to first decide on a format. A live performance is a traditional favorite that can be customized with other special surprises that could really bring your gift together.

Planning is key in carrying out a smooth live performance, so here is a list of areas to plan before you take the stage on the big day:

  • Time: make sure you assign a set time period for your event, checking in with your family and friends as well so they can be there for the performance
  • Venue: choosing the right place can be crucial to making this gift special, so choose wisely, perhaps a location that is memorable to you both and is easily accessible, or simply, you can decide to have your performance in your living room
  • People: often it is with the people that we love most that our best memories are created, so to make your gift even more special, invite those that appreciate your mom or dad as much as you do
  • Performance piece: whether it is an original composition, your own words to a familiar song, or a family favorite, the piece you wish to perform should be well practiced

Homemade music video

The kitchen drawer filled with years of handmade cards is a good example of why you might wish to create a lasting musical gift this for this occasion. A creative music video is an excellent way to bring together your musical, performance and technological skills and maybe learn some new tools to use as well.

Once again, planning is the important in completing a project like this, so before you gather your camera and start filming, take a moment to plan these things first:

  • Location: a music video is as much of a visual experience as it is an auditory one, so the location you choose to shoot your video should have ample space for equipment as well as good lighting
  • Editing: this can be the most daunting part to your creation, but with the help of easily accessible internet resources and some practice, this can become an amazing creative outlet that will make for a unique gift
  • Equipment: finding your way around complicated equipment is unnecessary, and really isn’t required for creating a special music video for the family. You can grab a phone or tablet, download free and user-friendly apps, and you’re ready to start creating the perfect gift

Your search for the perfect gift is over and you are now equipped with the planning tools you need to get started on creating a special musical gift. Whether you choose to create a night of live performances, a homemade music video or something in between, you can be sure of a magnificent response.

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