Top 7 Apps for Piano Players

Listening to music on personal electronic devices is not a new phenomenon. The development from Walkmans to iPods to mobile apps available for any smartphone has ensured that music and mobile devices have gone hand-in-hand for decades. They have been enjoyed by both music aficionados and professional musicians alike. If you play the piano, you can learn a lot of theory and skills through specialized mobile apps. Ready to give digital music study a try? Then take a look at 7 of the top mobile apps for piano players.

1. Tenuto

The app is a collection of 15 exercises that are designed to enhance the user’s musicality.  It’s customizable and can do everything from identifying intervals by ear to naming chords on a keyboard. Tenuto helps users become better musicians because it encourages them to practice from any location. If it’s been years since you’ve taken in-home or studio piano lessons, this app is perfect for helping you brush up on your skills. Tenuto works on iOS and costs $3.99.

2. Touch Pianist

This simple app takes classical music you’ve heard time and again and recreates it as a visual that you can watch by tapping the screen in the right rhythm. Free for iOS, the app can be used at any speed to adjust to your skill level and mood without affecting the quality of the music. It’s no wonder Touch Pianist is a popular choice for all music lovers.

3. forScore

Instead of toting around 3-ring binders of sheet music and books, this app allows users to organize their music digitally. You can play new scores within seconds thanks to the easy searchability function and almost instantaneous results. With thousands of musical favorites available, all a pianist really needs is his or her smartphone to find something to play. This app works for iOS and costs $9.99.

4. Perfect Ear

The Perfect Ear app is the ideal supplement to your piano lessons. By focusing on music theory and ear training, it solves the problems associated with learning theory from a book. Features like the interactive keyboards show users exactly what they are playing and how it relates to the rules of music theory. Perfect Ear is $0.99 for the full version and is available on iOS and Android.

5. Tiny Piano

This fun and free piano app for iOS is incredibly easy to enjoy. When playing a song, users can touch anywhere on the piano to play the next note. Just set the timing and rhythm to play at your very own pace.

6. Bloom

For the price of $3.99 on iOS, Bloom combines composition, artwork, and instrument in just one app. Its innovative controls allow users to make elaborate patterns and unique melodies by tapping the screen. When left idle, an automated music player takes over.  This endless music machine is essentially a 21st-century boom box that any pianist would appreciate.

7. Songwriter’s Pad

If you like to write your own piano music but can’t come up with appropriate lyrics, this app could cure your songwriter’s block. It incorporates a variety of features that push users over the hump, inspiring them to write new song lyrics from any location. The app boasts a phrase generator feature to help users come up with new lyrics, as well as a built-in rhyming dictionary to ensure lyrical flow. Songwriter’s Pad is available on iOS for $14.

Apps have been around for years because of their extreme convenience and ability to support and entertain their users. This has revolutionized music listening and learning, allowing pianists to work on their skills anywhere in the world. So now there’s no excuse to ever skip a practice!