Top 6 Apps for Drummers


Dreaming of becoming a dazzlingly jaw-dropping drummer? There’s an app for that! Several, in fact.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with tuning, inspiration for finding your rhythm, or just want a fun drum-based game, there’s an app for you. If you’re just starting out on the drums, you may like a digital aid to help you learn the parts of your drum set. If you’ve been playing drums for a while, and you’re ready to step up to the next level, find some motivation in an app that helps you practice looping and combining different rhythms.

While these are fabulously helpful tools, don’t forget that mobile apps can’t replace your practice time or in-person lessons — they all work together to make you a better percussionist.

Without further ado, check out some of our favorite apps for experienced and aspiring drummers.

1. GarageBand

Available on: iOS

Price: $4.99

GarageBand is considered to be one of the best iOS apps for musicians, regardless of which instrument you play. As a drummer, you can use it to experiment with your sound (even on-the-go!). Place drum sounds on a loop, and layer on other rhythms or instrument sounds. You can even use the app to record your own audio, and arrange songs. For drummers who’ve got the basics down, and are ready to stretch their creative limits, GarageBand can help you take your music to the next level. Plus, as most drummers already know, playing around with loops can be just plain fun!

2. iDrumTune

Available on: iOS

Price: $4.99

iDrumTune is an iOS app that aids in tuning your drums, by analyzing your drum’s vibration frequency. Simply open the app, hold your device over your drum, strike the instrument, and the app will display which note your drum is tuned to — with this useful tool, you can adjust your entire set to the key you want. Think of it as similar to an electric tuner for a guitar, but for a drumset.

The tuning app has an intelligent filter function, so you can set it to ignore unwanted frequencies. The app also features a guide on drum tuning, to help you understand the science behind tuning your instrument. This app is both practical as a tuning aid and informative as a learning supplement.

3. Impaktor

Available on: iOS

Price: $4.99

Impaktor is one of the more interesting apps out there. It acts as a realistic drum synthesizer by converting real-life sounds into drum beats. Start by tapping on any surface, as if you’re playing the drums. Impaktor listens to your taps through your device’s microphone and then produces real-life drum sounds. Choose from a variety of percussion instruments, and use the app to practice songs from anywhere — even when you don’t have a drum set around. If you like practicing with the app, you can record yourself, and even add effects to your audio. Who knows what kind of unique beats you’ll come up with?

4. DrumJam

Available on: iOS

Price: $7.99

DrumJam is an app designed by the award-winning percussionist Pete Lockett. Think of it as the ultimate “designed by a drummer, for drummers” application. It features multiple drum sounds, each with 20 different loop patterns, as well as multiple sound effects. All this comes together to help spark inspiration for your next big percussion piece — or, to simply have fun with rhythms! This app is sure to delight any passionate drummer, as a creative outlet you can carry with you. Record performances, and upload them to Soundcloud to share with your followers.

5. Tempo Advance

Available on: iOS

Price: $3.99

Whether you’re new to the drums or you’re a seasoned musician, it helps to have a metronome handy — like, fits-right-in-your-pocket handy. Tempo Advance is perfect for just that purpose. This iOS app allows you to choose up to 20 beats per measure, select from tempos ranging from 10 to 800 BPM, and configure various rhythm patterns. You can store your favorite settings in setlists, so you don’t have to reconfigure them every time you want to play. The app also allows you to create your own custom themes.

6. Metronome Beats Pro

Available on: Android

Price: $2.49

While Tempo Advance (above) is a great metronome app, its one downside is that it’s only available on iOS. If you’re looking for an Android alternative to the many iOS apps, Metronome Beats Pro is one of the best. There is a free version of this app, but we love the Pro version because it’s packed with extra features and is advertisement free.

Set the number of beats per bar, and follow along with visual beat indicators. Easily increase or decrease your tempo with just a touch of the screen. Organize your favorite songs and play along in “live mode.” Choose from a variety of beat sounds, from the traditional click to a cowbell and more. The app layout changes depending on what size of device you’re using it on, making it effective for whichever situation you’re in.