The Makings of a Spectacular Music Teacher


A great teacher can inspire a lifelong love of music in their students. But what constitutes a “great” teacher? Here are a few inspiring qualities that are often found in the most spectacular music teachers:

They Focus on Fundamentals

Great music teachers choose pieces of music and courses of instruction that build on previous skills. They remember past struggles and successes and refer back to these to help the student make parallels, and to showcase that student’s improvement over time. Good teachers also choose a skill level that is challenging enough to develop the student’s proficiency and highlight small improvements in skill and ability, but not so difficult as to challenge the student’s fortitude. They also do not forgo fundamentals just to help a student successfully complete a piece or move on to more advanced material. They understand the value of ‘going back to basics’, if necessary, to build a solid foundation.

They Invest in Each Student

A spectacular music teacher also focuses on how they make their students feel. They invest in the student and make them feel cared about and that their path to success is important. The good music teacher not only helps their student feel important, but is also careful to remain as an instructor first and foremost. This means making sure to remain strict enough to command respect and urge the student out of their comfort zone. The student should feel as though they owe the music teacher their time and attention, and should want to live up to the expectations set of them.

They Clearly Communicate Concepts

An effective music teacher knows how to break down concepts into palatable chunks that can be grasped more easily. They must have the presence of mind to connect those concepts to a clear goal for the student without overwhelming them. A teacher that can break down larger concepts and teach clear directives will help keep their students engaged and learning while still moving towards larger lesson topics and grander achievements. This allows the teacher to maintain a rapid pace without losing the student or overburdening their enthusiasm. It also helps their students avoid fatigue and keeps them engaged and confident throughout what could otherwise be seen as a daunting lesson plan.

Aside from these high-level qualities that make up a great music teacher, every student is unique and needs something slightly different when they take lessons. This perfect match between student and teacher is found by seeking the services of a boutique expert like California Music Studios. Our services look at specific student needs and appropriately match each student with a music teacher in their area. An expert match helps students stick with their music lessons more than twice as long as the average student in the U.S. Add in routine recitals and students can (statistically) quadruple that length of enthusiasm and dedication to their practice. With over 25 years of experience, we know how to simplify the search for a spectacular, and qualified, music teacher.