4 Contemporary Musicians With Incredible Leadership Qualities

The music our kids listen to has an impact on how they develop. For generations parents have bemoaned the “popular” music of their children, giving generations of kids even more incentive to keep listening to what their parents dislike. While you may not ever grow to love the songs your kids listen to on repeat, parents today can find some solace knowing that some of today’s most popular musical acts are actually pretty good role models. This is especially true when it comes to teaching kids lessons about leadership.

Take a look at four musicians that demonstrate strong leadership traits – ones you can be happy your kids enjoy.

taylor swiftTaylor Swift

This country-crossover superstar grew up before America’s eyes – but instead of partying away her fame and fortune, Swift has made it a point to give back. In 2015 she donated 25,000 books to New York City Public Schools and she’s also launched an online campaign to safeguard kids from online predators. The list of charities she supports ranges from UNICEF to PETA to Habitat for Humanity. Her work ethic is also well known in industry circles and she continues to work hard for all that she earns. Through her philanthropy, Swift shows that giving back is one of the best parts of being a leader.

Katy Perrykaty perry

She has made a name for herself with her catchy tunes, and larger-than-life voice – and she’s worked really hard for all of her success. Katy Perry’s message to young fans, particularly female ones, is this: It’s okay to know what you want, work hard for it, and enjoy your success. In an interview with Forbes magazine Perry was quoted as saying, “There is no shame in being a boss.” Certainly good advice for any up and coming musicians who need a confidence boost, and also a positive reminder that a unique vision is important.

bruno marsBruno Mars

Just try not to smile when this talented singer-songwriter performs. His energy is electric and contagious. Some of Bruno Mars’ biggest hits haven’t happened alone, though. Collaborations with some of today’s top musicians, including Mark Ronson and Eminem, have produced some of Mars’ most-played songs. He’s a strong musician in his own right, but is able to look outside his talents to highlight those of other people. This is a sign of a strong leader. A person who can work well with others and bring out the best in them is the greatest kind of leader.


Arguably, Adele has one of the best voices of her generation and the blockbuster international success to back that up. By simply looking at Adele, you wouldn’t necessarily peg her for a star but when she opens her mouth, it’s quickly clear why she’s such a global celebrity. Adele has been pretty outspoken about how she refuses to conform to any Hollywood standard of what she should look like, or what projects she should take, or even what songs she should sing. It can be scary to go against the grain as an artist but Adele proves that sticking with her strengths, and not the image someone else thinks she should maintain, can lead to great success. A leader believes in what he or she is doing and won’t let others distract from it.


Do any of these names surprise you? Musicians are some of the most passionate artists so it makes sense that they’d exhibit some sought-after traits. Whether your kids are preparing for their first recital, or getting ready to hit the road with their band, having strong leaders in the field they love will take them further. It may have been their talent that first garnered these musicians attention, but it is their leadership skills demonstrated through philanthropy, determination, collaboration and individuality that has helped them soar to new heights as artists, and superstars.