Classical Music For the Classy Kid

Music has been shown to have numerous benefits on the mind and body. It can excite you for a good workout or calm and relax you in stressful situations. But did you know music can also help you focus and develop certain skills later in life? According to one study from the University of London, children who listen to classical music young tend to have better listening and concentration skills as they get older.

classical music

Do you want your child to be exposed to classical music at an early age? Start by playing these songs your child is sure to love.

Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite

The Nutcracker Suite is a two-act ballet filled with imagination that is sure to interest children. Even if you’re not watching the ballet visuals on the screen, your kids can still have fun dancing to this composition. It’s an amazing tune for expanding your children’s imagination, where they can turn into tin soldiers and sugar plum fairies in their heads. The piece has a lot of variety, so you can have fun introducing your kids to the various sections of this ballet during play time.

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Johann Strauss II’s Tritsch Tratsch Polka

When you’re looking for a fast tempo and a fun tune to dance around to, choose this Johann Strauss II piece. With its upbeat tempo, this is a perfect composition to introduce to young toddlers who just want to play around and dance. Not only will physical activity like this contribute to your child’s health, but it can help improve their coordination as well. Don’t be afraid to get on your feet as well and skip around with your little one for a good laugh.

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Johann Strauss I’s Radetzky March

For another imaginative tune, consider Radetzky March. This tune will have your kids imagining they’re in a marching band! This march is also popular for getting people to clap, so it’s a great song to help teach your children coordination – they’ll be clapping to the beat in no time.

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Vilaldi’s Four Seasons

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is one you might recognize at the beginning, but as you get further into the song, you’ll find that the movements become quite peaceful and calming to listen to. This is a good choice for background music during quiet activities, and some sections of it are even great for nap time!

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Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Although this piece is typically played at weddings, it’s a wonderful classical music composition that’s perfect for playing to children. Its relaxing tune makes it ideal for numerous situations. Play it to calm rowdy children or special needs kids who have trouble controlling their emotions, for example. You can also play it at nap time to get your kids to sleep faster and more soundly. If you have older children who need to focus on their homework, play this piece during study time. If at any time your children need to calm down, relax, or focus, this is the perfect piece for them.

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Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

When you want to get your children excited, consider playing the third movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. This is a good choice for running around to during play time or simply getting your kids pumped up for a good time.

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Classical music may not be what your children hear on the radio these days, but it’s still one of the best genres for expressing and influencing emotions. Without any lyrics, you and your child can focus on the situation at hand rather than the song. Play classical music in the background during everyday activities to sharpen your child’s mind and help them control their emotions.