Keep the Beat Alive: Music Technology in the Classroom

Technology is revitalizing the way aspiring musicians compose, produce, and perform music. Music teachers and students alike can experience the benefits of technology and its ability to bring music education to new levels!

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Ed-Tech in the Classroom

How is technology used in the typical classroom? Here’s how teachers from all grade levels responded to a 2013 PBS Learning survey.

Reported Benefits

• 74%: Reinforces and expands on curriculum

• 74%: Motivates students to learn

• 73%: Motivates students to respond to a variety of learning styles

Types of Devices

• 59%: Interactive whiteboard
• 35%: Tablets/e-readers
• 11%: Interactive table

Primary Uses

• 48%: Online lesson plans
• 45%: Web-based interactive games
• 44%: Delivery vehicle for information to parents/students

How Technology Impacts Music Teaching & Learning

Use of Technology

Electronic Communication

  • Music Teachers

– Participation in online communities to discuss curriculum

– More instruction time and flexibility in class

  • Students

– Easier access to findmusic teachers and other musicians

– More motivation to consume musical knowledge

Educational Resources

  • Music Teachers

– New ideas for music lessons

  • Students

– Access to resources to learn new concepts

– More motivation to engage in discussion

In-Class Devices

  • Music Teachers

-Presentation: Providea great visual to teach musical concepts

-Performance: Offer differentiated instruction

  • Students

-Creativity: Encourage students to create and share music

iPad Apps for Music Education

These music apps can easily be applied to your practice and production arsenal!

• Ear Trainer: Improve your musical ear

• GarageBand: Create with a full-featured recording studio

• forScore: Store all your sheet music in this robust library

• Real Piano Pro: Play a full 88-key piano w/ realistic sound and key labels

• Guitar Lab: Get strumming with video guitar lessons

• ImproVox: Practice your pitch and harmonization

• TabToolkit: Jam along to your favorite songs


Create A Music Production Studio

With these technologies, you’ll become a rising music producer before you know it!

Music Production Workstation

A portable electronic music studio that combines the basic functions of a synthesizer, sampler, drum machine, effects device, and sequencer. It can serve as a:

• Teaching tool: Demonstrate the properties of sound

• Compositional tool: Create complete achievement of compositions

• Rehearsal aid: Pre-record songs as accompaniment in rehearsal

• Live performance instrument: Produce imitative sounds on top of traditional sounds

Keyboard Workstation

Equipped with tools to satisfy the needs of performers and composers alike. Includes:

• Tone generator: Completely design and shape your sound

• Sampling: Digitally record any sound and reproduce it

• Sequencing: Play along with pre-recorded sequences

• Effects processing: Control and be creative with your final sound

Music Production Software

Computer-based programs to achieve the perfect sound with great sound quality. You can:

• Manipulate sound waves and samples efficiently

• Pull samples and downloads tools online

• Access a database of 1000+ sounds

• Fuse music effects from electronic and traditional acoustic instruments


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