9 Tips For Learning To Play The Guitar

Successfully learning how to play the guitar is within your grasp. These 9 tips are a great starting point for those who want to learn to play the guitar.


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– The smallest guitar in the world is 10 micrometres long with strings 50 nanometres wide.
– The Fender® factory makes around 90,000 strings per day, equalling over 20,000 miles a year—enough to circle the world!

The Basics of Playing Guitar:

Tune the Guitar

  • Learn to tune the guitar or invest in a tuner to ensure that you achieve the best sound.
  • Read Music in Standard Notation and Tablature

  • Learning the basics of rhythmic notation (values, bars, measures, dividing beats) will go a long way to advancing your musical development.
  • Learn Notes Before you Learn Chords

  • Familiarize yourself with the notes on a fretboard to make scales, patterns, and chords much easier to master.
  • Find the Right Pressure

  • Reduce buzzing or muffled strings by applying proper pressure, which will allow you to produce clean, full sound every time you hit a string.
  • Get Comfortable

  • Practice good posture when playing not only to be comfortable, but also to bring out better sound.
  • Learn to Strum

  • As a beginner, strumming a steady rhythm while fretting chords is difficult, so practice strumming a simple up-down pattern and switching between chords every four counts.
  • Perfect the Barre Chord

  • Practicing with your index finger rolled on its side and slightly curved will make you a barring expert in no time.
  • Go Slow

  • Take your time if you are having trouble and isolate individual problems.
  • Listen to Other Guitarists

  • Listen to a wide variety of music to inspire you to come up with new ideas for your own playing style.
  • Boost Progress with Private Guitar Lessons

  • California Music Studios pairs highly qualified music teachers with students for one-on-one customized lessons that help musicians of all ages and skill levels reach their music goals.