5 Reasons to Sign Up Your Children for Piano Lessons

Did you know that learning to play the piano is good for the mind, body, and spirit? If your child is naturally drawn to the keys or if you’re in search of a healthy activity to add to the mix, piano lessons are well worth a try. The good news is that California Music Studios can help you find a great instructor to help your child learn new skills, overcome challenges, and gain confidence as an aspiring young pianist.

Need more convincing? Keep reading to learn 5 benefits that come with piano lessons.

Piano Lessons Improve Learning

The most lauded benefit of piano lessons and practicing those scales is that they can help improve academic performance and even raise IQ. Numerous studies have shown that learning to play an instrument, especially piano, improves scores on standardized tests, spatial cognitive development tests, and math homework, especially when it comes to ratios and fractions. Preschoolers who take piano lessons score higher in spatial-temporal reasoning tests—that’s the part of the brain most commonly used to comprehend math, science, and engineering concepts.


Piano Lessons Increase Coordination

The hand-eye coordination involved in playing music helps children build other fine motor skills. But playing the piano goes well beyond that. Piano requires the hands to learn to work independently of each other, in different ways, moving at different times, in different rhythms, and at different speeds. This can increase dexterity, complex thought processes, and overall physical movement coordination.

Piano Lessons Help You Focus

In a world with digital distractions around every corner, our attention spans seem to be shrinking in favor of instant gratification. Show your children the value of spending time focused on improving a skill or solving a problem by helping them learn how to play the piano. Regular, focused practice teaches the invaluable lesson that setting goals and sticking to achieving them brings rewards like increased self-esteem and healthy problem solving skills that can last a lifetime.

Piano Lessons Open Up Your World

Spend any time at all playing piano and you’ll be exposed to music from the entire gamut of human history and geography. There’s Mozart and Chopin’s Europe, Foster’s America, Gershwin’s Jazz Age—just to name a few. Students may latch on to a favorite sound or style of music that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Music can also be a door through which children explore curiosity and desire to pursue other creative and educational endeavors.

If I can play a song, why can’t I write one?

Maybe I can write my own lyrics for this song.

I wonder what life was like for Tchaikovsky!

Music, especially the broad spectrum of piano music, can open the world to your child and show them opportunities that await a can-do attitude.

Piano Lessons Increase Your “Cool” Factor

What is it that makes a “cool” person? Is it the clothes they wear? Is it the instrument they play? Nope, not even that one! So what is it about those few folks out there who just have the cool thing down? It’s about feeling good inside—otherwise known as confidence.

As we stated before, playing the piano and overcoming challenges builds self-esteem. With increased self-esteem come positive, happy, and pleasant thoughts. These thoughts manifest into pleasant and likable actions and habits, which ultimately becomes behavior and lifestyle.

Playing piano can also open up opportunities for new friends and social experiences. Piano players are needed by choirs, bands, orchestras, dance studios, glee clubs, religious organizations, musical theater groups, and more! For the adept player who isn’t shy about playing in front of others, the piano offers so many possibilities for meeting fellow musicians and other creative people.

Piano Lessons Are Good for You

Piano lessons help your child grow their mind and open up their world. They help with academic performance and bring new opportunities for friendship. Most of all, piano lessons teach your child the value of bringing music into the world—a universal language that can lift spirits, communicate ideas, and add a whole lot of fun to your world.

If you’re interested in signing your child up for private, one-on-one piano lessons, feel free to contact us today.