California Music Studios Students Win Coveted Scholarships to Top Institutions


Sisters Sarah and Solene Le Van are proof that studying music and performing build a strong foundation for a successful, exciting future. Recent high school graduates, both are attending Princeton University this fall, where they each received a full four-year scholarship. They will study music and creative writing. “I know that part of the reason we were accepted was because of our art portfolios,” said Solene.

“Music studies give you focus and concentration that you apply to your school work,” said Sarah. “To be accepted to places like Princeton, you not only need to be qualified academically, but have an ‘X factor’ that makes you stand apart.”

“Music training touches many aspects of life,” explains the girls’ father, Eric LeVan, a musician and music instructor. “It builds character and a sense of pride. There’s no instant gratification; you learn that you work to reach goals over a period of time and it contributes to your success.”

Solene and Sarah have studied voice with Jennifer Paterson, Founder and President of California Music Studios where music students of all ages are matched with private teachers. “Since Jennifer sings opera, so she knows how to use her voice to the best advantage,” said Sarah. Training for university scholarships auditions is key to successfully attaining these valuable awards.

Angelina MafiAngelina Mafi, another student who has taken voice lessons through California Music Studios has gone on to college as a music major at St. Mary’s, Moraga, CA, campus. She has received $37,000 in scholarships–renewing annually–primarily for her musical talents as well as for her honors status, which also qualified her for the Presidential scholarship.

Her father, Eugene added a note of gratitude to his daughter’s voice instructor Carrie Rothenberger at California Music Studios, “We thank you for teaching her so well that she could qualify for these scholarships, and in that sense, the lessons we paid for have been returned in full.”