California Music Studios Voice Student, Anna Danes, to Release Debut Jazz Album This Fall


It’s never too late to develop your talents and open doors that could lead to exciting, unexpected paths. Just ask Anna Danes who, at age 44, is embarking on a new musical career. Two years ago, she took her first voice lesson. This fall, she will release her first CD.

Danes, lives in Solana Beach, and began her training with California Music Studios (CMS) President and professional opera singer Jennifer Paterson. “Jennifer has been a mentor to me,” said Anna, “and has encouraged me to study with other voice teachers who match my skill set. The lessons have given me confidence, joy, and hopefully a new career. The whole process has strengthened me as a person and truly given me a new voice. It has transformed my life.”


Another CMS-selected teacher who worked with Anna, Larry White, produced her CD. “Larry has had a tremendous career in music and he’s been teaching me about the business,” she said. “Last year we recorded some demos and then decided to record an album.” Anna’s album, “Longing,” will feature American jazz standards with original arrangements and two new songs.

White wrote the arrangements to the classics featured on the CD and composed two of his own. The CD will be available at various online outlets and on a web site to be launched after its release in the fall.

In addition to her training through California Music Studios, Anna attributes her recent musical success to her upbringing. Born in Poland, she and her family escaped that country’s Communist regime in 1979. They immigrated to Sweden and then to Canada, where her parents still live. “Living under a dictatorship teaches you grit, and escaping it was tough since we had to leave our extended family behind,” she said. “It gives me a wide and deep pool of emotions to draw from.”

Age is not a barrier to pursuing a career in music or any profession, Anna said. “When you’re gifted at a young age, the world is your oyster and that can be an advantage. But when you’re my age, you have a lot of life experience and you can focus on what is important.” Her advice to anyone thinking about changing paths mid-life is to “follow your heart and go for it with gusto. It’s never too late.”